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The Donatella Versace Chair

Donatella Versace Chair

Here is an elegant and lush chair for the folks who want something luxurious to have around. The Donatella Versace chair comes from the Haas Brothers, something reportedly inspired by rock ‘n roll and blonde glamour themes.

The chairs are made from honeycomb brass with a visible pattern body while the upholstery is clad in black leather – a signature part for all their creations under the Versace brand.

The chairs will be showcased in the upcoming Salon del Mobile 2013, an ev

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The Glamour Collection from Carpanelli

Glamour Collection

Combine sensual curves and comforting padding and woodwork and you get these lush looking pieces from the Glaour Collection by Carpanelli. The collection is made up of a sofa, armchair and footstool, elements which should easily make their way into any home.

The curves are highlighted by an intricate inlay of work, offering the Fibonacci spiral patterns which should more or less capitulate how

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The Stolik Kawowy Hat Coffee Table

The Stolik Kawowy Hat Coffee Table

Here is something lush and different to have in your homes. The Stolik Kawowy Hat coffee table should be perfect aesthetically and functionally for any home, perhaps in your living room and when you have guests coming in.

The Stolik Kawowy Hat

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Floating OPEN Shelving

Here are some more neat home improvement ideas, something that should instantly bring order and glamour for room seeking better organization. This comes in the form of these floating OPEN shelves.

But the real twist that these simple yet functional shelves bring is that floating feel that would make it seem that these shelves could easily blend in any wall. The design of these shelves offer an independent feel which does away wi

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Colorful Interior Fabric Designs

People will always want something to spice up their home and in most cases, this would normally point towards the direction of the fabrics of various furnishings which could be changed through color and design. And it seems that Cassro has done just that, ideas which should immediately add flare and glamour that people are most certain to want to have.

With the colorful fabrics, people are bound to easily adapt and implement modern lifestyle interior designs. The fabrics are bound to help homes spring back to life on their own although some work on the part of the owners can

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The Salon Armchair

Enhance your home better with elegantly designed furnishings such as the Salon Armchair from Lee Broom. Part of his furniture designs line, the Salon Armchair boasts of embellished metal studs to offer a sense of elegance and glamour into any home. Studded upholstery may no longer be as frequent as before but they do still provide the demanded pitch that make furniture designs blend in at the right point with any home setup. Studs are known to enhanc

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Fire Farm Dancing Feet Chandelier

This chandelier was actually made for a certain clothing company but then again, why not have one for the home? Especially if you are the wacky one or perhaps the looney person who wants some creative decal in your home, Fire Farm’s Dancing Feet Chandelier should be something of interest.

As you would depict from the name, the chandlier comes with sock variants to add some glamour to your home. The first impressio

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The Clamp Lamp

Here is another potential enhancement for your home, something that Enrico Zanolla and Andre Di Fillippo came up with. The Clamp Lamp is a hanging lamp that should provide new and different illumination for your home, available in black or white leather exteriors.

It is the contrast between the smooth interior and the sophisticated deep-buttoned exterior that gives these lamps both glamour and classic style. They are also available in a choice of

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Lamp Carpet with LED Lights

Carpets are known to bring some ambiance and wait til you get a look at this one which has some integrated LED lights with it. The Lamp Carpet was designed by Lama Concept and is made of LED lights and 100% wool.

The lights compliment the mood for homes and can surely perk up your place in an instant. The Lamp Carpets are available in a variety of bright combinations and paired with LED’s, you can just imagine the glamour that

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Homelement.com Launches Diningsetdirect.com

Home owners looking for a new dining set to place in their homes are in luck. Homelement.com offers a new and stylish affordable line in Diningsetdirect.com, offering a complete range of dining room furniture.

The store features formal, casual and pub dining sets; dining chairs, dining tables; buffets, sideboards, china cabinets, and kitchen carts; as well as counter-height tables and chairs. Featured brands include Powell, Pulaski, American Drew, Homelegance, Hillsdale, Global Furniture USA, Home Styles, and many more.

Today, the preference of people to put some gla

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