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The Laika Lamp

The Laika Lamp

In what seems to be a cross between expressive art and actual functionality, the Laika Lamp is something that should appeal to folks especially the pet lovers.

Apparently the Laika Lamp was designed to somehow mimic pets who need to wear these cones around their heads, something that is normally put on pets after going through certain surgery.

Lagranja Design is the brains behind this artsy lamp, something that was only produced in pieces of 50. As you can see from the image, the

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The Revitalizer Lamp

The Revitalizer Lamp

Here is an odd lamp for you. It comes from Merve Kahraman, a lamp that can regenerate its lampshade after being melted.

Apparently the lamp shade is made from wax and the manner of regenerating it is made possible thanks to the molded cup that rests beneath it. The cup catches each drop of wax and later on reshapes it to what it was originally.

According to Kahraman and Psfk, it represents the “‘p

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The Luminaire Post

Here is another dual-purpose lamp for you. It is the Luminaire Post, a pinboard table lamp that should come in handy for the busy bodies or to simply set the mood wherever it would be placed.

The lamp was designed by Gabriela Kuniyoshi and Vinicius Lopes Leite of Brazil’s Estudio Ninho, providing more interaction through a compact cylindrical shape to minimize the need for wrapping materials.

The Luminarie Post is repo

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The Medusa Table Lamp

Here is a two-for-one solution for you. It is called the Medusa table lamp, something that can be used either as a table on its own or a lamp to offer some illumination in rooms. It is also good for storing some stuff too to keep your place neat and organized.

The Medusa Table lamp was designed by Mikhail Belyaev. It was made from smooth white Corian, sculpting a tripod form with three slender legs that unite in the n

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Embarakiya Floor Lamps

Do not get spooked out when you come across this floor lamp. The Embarakiya Floor Lamp makes it look like an Arab Sheikh is using a lampshade as a way to hide himself but in all, that is the actual design of the lamp.

The lamp showcases a human being figure as the body of the lamp, the body of which is made from fibreglass. The body is clothed with traditional Kuwaiti clothing, same as the lampshade. To turn it on, you have to shake the

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Scene 01 Floor Lamp

In what has to be an odd but cheeky addition you can ever consider when it comes to lighting up the indoor or outdoor portions of your home, the Scene 01 Floor Lamp should be something to marvel on. The lamp was designed by Monocomplex and takes inspiration from what a full moon looks like.

The supporting stand acts as branches for the lampshade and bulbs cast as the moon. The lamp is made of metal and wood as he the li

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Miss Wool Lamps

Lamps are known to play an integral role in perking up homes but Doimo takes it a notch higher by improving the usual lamp shades with some wool. These are aptly called the Miss Wool Lamps which are part of Doimo’s Season 4 collection, promising to add some life into your home interiors and rooms.

The wool lamps are knitted into perfection, covered in wonderfully knitted wool materials which can be removed when required and ar

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The Lampadina Lamp by Achille Castiglioni

Mankind will forever be indebted to Thomas Edison as one cannot imagine their existence without the good old light bulb.The Lampadina pays homage to the archetypal light bulb and we love its simple and quirky design. Made in Italy by Flos and designed by Achille Castiglioni, the modern lamp can be used as a bedside light or even a desk lamp. The Lampadina can be purchased from

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A Christmas Story Leg Lamp

With Christmas fast approaching, getting something made for the occasion or something that you could possibly hand to a person deserving of it is this lamp. The “A Christmas Story Leg Lamp” is a 20” replica from the classic film which is dressed with a black fishnet thigh-high stocking and a stiletto black heeled shoe. The lampshade features a skirt with black flapper-ish fringe which should make it a cool and festive display by the bed

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Arikui Anteater Lamps

Here are some odd but unique lamps for you called the ARIKUI Anteater lamps. They should be great to use as table lamps, something cool to have by your bedside to render that ideal glow for the room. While it does need to be plugged in using the traditional power cords, this too has been masterfully integrated to go with the sculptured concept. The ARIKUI Anteater Lamp also differs significantly from conventional illuminators in t

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