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The Swarm Lamp

Swarm Lamp

Well here is an unusual lamp for you. The swarm lamp comes in a somewhat bug-like form made of glass and wood.

Created by the Jangir Maddadi Design Bureau, the Swarm Lamp is a Scandinavian looking lighting piece which should be neat to place in a hanging or suspended manner.

The lamp is flexible and can be positioned in different angles. The wooden portion may make the lamp look unbalanced, but depending on the position and where it w

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Rocking Mushroom Lamps

Rocking Mushroom Lamps

Though I cannot remember, these Mushroom Lamps do look readily familiar. Regardless though, this is the first time I have seen of a rocking lamp, something which should be an attention-capturing piece.

The Mushroom Lamp was a result of a collaboration between Nick Rennie and Ligne Roser, this is actually a redeveloped version of something which came out in 2002.

The lamp apparently rocks for some time before coming to a halt and in a standing positi

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Classy New Old Table Light

New Old Table Light

Here is a simply designed lamp that should be interesting to have. The New Old Table Light carries an industrial-style reflector design which is attached to a paper lantern diffuser that would allow it be pulled down or collapsed to adjust the lighting density.

The lamp makes of plain materials such as wood, metal and paper and comes from KIMU Design. In all this is one lamp that should be neutral to blend in with any existing interior, offering a handy

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Sinulous Lighting Designs

Sinulous Lighting Designs

By winding resin through a cylinder, Marcus Papay ws able to produce a cheeky looking lighting solution with the Sinulous lamps.

The line of lamps were on hand at the San Diego Contemporary Art Fair, an artsy piece which should fit in well in rooms or even offices while adding a new kind of touch to uplift the whole area where it may eventually be placed.

Available in various colored resins, the lamp can be used as a table lamp or a pendant lamp, all depen

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Babula Lighting for your Home

Babula Lighting

Krools offer a curious looking lighting solution which you may want for your home. Babula is a lighting solution reportedly inspired by the Russian wood doll Matryoshka, a playful lamp that should combine playfulness and modernism in a different kind of way.

Individually or held in groups, this lighting solution should be a splendid one to have in homes, placed singly on a table or as a group to form a bunch of pendant lamps to offer a different kind of mood or ambiance that many folks will surely

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Fire Lily Pendant Lighting Design

Fire Lily

Tired of the usual wholly designs pendant lighting? Well here is a piece of work, metal-based and finely laser cut to offer your lighting needs ample protection and of course twists.

The Fire Lily was designed by Amichai Oron, offering a finely laser cut piece to which swirly orbs were produced (design-wise).

Coming in a sphere-shape, the two-dimensional rendering piece was cut from a flat metal sheet where the ar

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Affilia Lighting Solutions

Affilia Lighting Solutions

Alessandro Zambeli offers these lace like diffusuers, offering more lighting design options for folks who want to add better ambiance and glow to their abode.

The Affilia lighting designed for .exnovo are 3D printed in polyamide or nylon fiber, pendant lights which come in series of six, three table lamps and three pendant lights.

These delicately designs lamps should be nifty for the living room or dining room, all depending on which

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A Different Kind of Corner Lamp

Corner Lamp

We all know that corner lamps are a great add for any room, decoration and functional wise. Which leaves us to the issue of design. Well here are some perfectly shaped lamps which should be truly fit.

The Put Baby in the Corner lamps were designed by Sharp Inc. Productdesign, certain to give off that much needed glow.

But what makes the lamps interesting is their make, featuring triangular-shaped bases which comes with removable covers for adding some color to th

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LEGO Traffic Light Lamps

LEGO Traffic Light Lamps

We all know how LEGO has in one way or another, produced an array of cool furniture pieces which should come in handy in the home. And for the ones who are still on the prowl, here is a rare lighting piece of the famed brand, a Traffic Light lamp which should be a hit with the kids and the LEGO collectors out there.

The lamp was designed by Baron Von Brunk, blending LEGOs with some electrical parts to produce a cheeky looking lamp which was really a project that took a lot of wor

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Floating Pendant Spheres

Multiball system

Spherical lighting is something that many would certainly fall in love with, more so if they are molded in simple round like piece which should provide a different kind of glow.

Designer Robert Paoli offers the Multiball system, a cloud-like cluster of different-sized sphere which come close to a bunch of electrons and neutrons for folks who can recall their chemistry lessons.

The spheres are perfect for large areas, pendant lamps which can surely be re-arranged and formed in any way th

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