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Pi Wall Clock

Pi Wall Clock

If you tired of that old wall clock with the common numbers, here is a clock that should be interesting for you. The Pi Wall Clock is something that may leave you guessing or even give you some hints if you are having problems in mathematics.

The wall clock annotates each hour marker with its angle in radians from the 12 ‘o clock position. Geeky as it may seem, this is one wall clock that should be something for the math wiz out there.

The clock measures about 10 inches in diam

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Incunabular Desk

Incunabular Desk

Although this table was reportedly designed with math in mind, the thing is that it does offer the necessary functionality that one would need when it comes to getting some paperwork done. A masterpiece design by Invisiblecity, the Incunabular desk gets its dimensions and ratios from international paper standards ISO 216, Series A.

The geometric rationale behind the entire series is the square root of 2, which maintains the aspect ratio of each s

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Cardboard Paperpedic Bed

Here is an eco-friendly and cheaper alternative for people seeking better ways to sleep in numbers. Karton offers the cardboard Paperpedic Bed, something that can reportedly accommodate up to 10 people at a time.

With that in mind, you have to wonder if the cardboard is sturdy enough to support that much weight but Karton believes that such is not an issue. And the best part of it all is that they are cheap. Available for about $190, t

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Twist Alarm Clock

The Twist Alarm Clock is said to be a device made for math nerds, a clock which aids people to do mental arithmetic. Apparently you have to solve a different sum by twisting the alarm clock using two rotary digits to complete the equation. A third dial is present to serve as a function sensor.

The Twist Alarm Clock should be a cool way to educate your kids indirectly and can be yours for only $24. It is stylish and contemporary and

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Mesa Classroom of 2015

These desks were made for schools but knowing consumers today, getting one for their home should not be surprising. The Mesa Classroom of 2015 has all the stops. It features a standard with grammar check, spell check, dictionary, encyclopedia, thesaurus, and a section for math.

It even includes “freewrite” ability for improving handwriting. Mesa desks are double wide, made for two students at a time. These desks should be great solutions for parents who want their kids to develop cognitive skill

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