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Stay At My Home Series

Stay at my home is a series of objects that would make any guest comfortable. There is a comfortable mattress, a cover, pillow and even a bedside lamp! The drawer can be removed from the furniture and can be placed as a storage box and the lamp simplifies the orientation for the guest.

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Safe-T Bed: A Safe Under a Mattress

People are now pretty much concerned on where to safely stock their money and valuables (perhaps even guns for protection). At the rate that things are getting tougher, you just never know when untoward break-ins or crooks may come your way. Rather than standing up and reaching for a gun or an object to help protect yourself, reach behind your mattress and avoid the worries.

The Safe-T bed add-on seems to be a feasible investment, especially if you want to throw crooks off guard. Stor

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A Choice of Tiles or Wooden Parquet Flooring

When you are considering to buy a condo unit, you are bound to be astounded by the interiors the real estate company has invested. But while you should take note that you will not be getting the unit like it is, you get some consolation in the form of flooring choices and table top finishes.

However, as far as the choice on the type of flooring you want for the welcoming area and the rooms are concerned, you are given the liberty to choose on what type of flooring you would want. Nor

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The Hazards of an Inflatable Bed

This is the season where most people would have to make room and beds for visitors such as relatives and friends who may want to sleep over. And one of the keen bed alternatives we know of are the inflatable beds that are handy and often kept in storage, only to be taken out when needed such as seasons as now.

But while that is a good solution, make sure you are aware of avoiding having babies and kids sleeping on them. They have some health hazards you should watch

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Bedding Protection with QuiltGard

Beds can have the usual covers to avoid dust and mites from accumulating in them. But the real deal in protecting the beds and mattresses needs to be addressed as dust and mites as well as some liquid buildups can really be a cause for the immediate deterioration of a reliable mattress that can become a discomfort in the end.

“We’re calling it the gold standard in bedding protection since it’s a product the

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DIY: Upholstered Headboard

Upholstered headboards are quite in vogue and can be easily made at home. Real Simple has a great post on how to make a headboard and check it out here.

From Real Simple: Supplies # 1 standard 3/4-quarter-inch-thick sheet of plywood cut 44 inches high and to the width of your bed (39 inches for a twin; 54 for a double; 60 for a queen; 76 for a king) # 1 one-by-four cut into 2 pieces tha

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Placitas Platform Bed

The minimalism and simplicity of the Placitas Platform bed is what attracts us the most. Interestingly, the carvings on the bed seek to  bring to the vanguard  a “real spirit of the Southwest. This elegant bed is available in American Red Oak, White Hard Maple or even Bamboo.

Via Mattresszine

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Joseph Polo Day Bed

The Joseph Polo Day Bed would fit right in a sprawling Southern home, don’t you think? This classically styled wooden day bed sports a Whitewash finish and includes a slatted base for additional support. The daybed is available in underbed storage or as a trundle bed with mattress.

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Crayons Twin over Twin Bunk Bed

Here is another cool design for bunk beds for the kids of today. Saving on space, bunk beds are commonly seen in the kids rooms of homes. With durable 7-ply birch posts and mattress slats, it includes a matching ladder for easy climbing for whoever gets to be on top.

Guardrails are also noticeable so that in case of kids who move around a lot when they sleep, falls can be avoided.

This product is designed and manufactured by Sunset Trading. Located i

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The Metro Platform Bed

The Metro Platform Bed measures 76″ W x 84″ D x 39″ H (Queen) 92″ W x 84″ D x 39″ H (King) and made from oak veneer with a charcoal roll-coat lacquer finish. Interestingly, the optional storage mechanism lifts the mattress providing storage underneath.

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