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Tilt Stools

Tilt Stools

Here is a wacky stool you can possibly want for your home. The Tilt Stool features a gentle curve acting as its base which sort of makes it a rocking chair of sorts for the folks who can’t seem to settle down in one space and end up rocking or playing around barely noticing it.

The Tilt Stool allows sitters to keep their core muscles engaged with the rocking feature of this durable and lightweight seating solution. Designed by Justin Gologorsky, you can even turn the stool by its side

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The Egg-citing Kokkode Chair

Kokkode Chair

Here is another wacky chair that you may want to have at home. This is the Kokkode Chair, a neatly egg-inspired design chair that should be cool to have and use.

The egg-shaped chair is not actually for looking or offering simple seating, the whole thing is actually made to correct posture. The Kokkode chair is made from cold polyurethane foam injection and a counterweight balance by the bottom.

In a manner of speaking, the chair actually forces folks to do some exercise, forcin

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Funky Fitness Unit/ Furniture

Here is another one of those dual-purpose furnishings perfect for the people pressed for space. This is a funky fitness unit which when unused could be a great storage or shelf to use in any home.

The piece was designed by Lucie Koldova, carrying a trendy and contemporary design with lots of aesthetic appeal. Build those muscles with this piece which incidentally lets you use your own weight to stay fit. It is perfect for those who don&#

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Portable Massage Table with Memory Foam


Get the quality massage you always wanted in style. Thought not many would be able to afford it, here is a massage table that should be a tempting addition to your home, particularly if you are fond of massages.

And this massage table is certainly made for the ones who can afford. It is made of Canadian maple legs, a full-length piano hinge, and multi-density foam padding. The legs and braces of the Aspire Massage Table are constructed with sustainably-farmed maple hardwood, and the ultra-soft upholstery is made from earth-friendly polyurethane material.

The multi-la

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Kick Boxing and Bed Ball Activities

We all know beds as primarily only for sleeping. But for some people, there are alternative ways to maximize a bed’s use. Take for instance this guy who uses it as a means of support to train and wake up his reflexes. Bed foams or mattresses can be support tools that ca

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