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The Bike Trail Restroom

The Bike Trail Restroom

Here is an idea for the lush home owners out there. For people who have the cash to invest in something unique to bring up the ante for their home, the Bike Trail Restrooms should be an extravagant addition.

The Bike Trail restroom should be fit for the uber rich folks who enjoy a spacious backyard or maybe even with a pool, the Bike Trail Restroom designed by Miro Rivera Architects is a cl

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Zoolamp with Animal-Shaped Light Bulbs


Looking for more home enhancers? Well lamps are known to do the trick. However, the Zoolamp takes it up a notch with these animal-shaped light bulbs, adorable and cute ones that should certainly provide the mood that many would certainly look for.

The bulbs were designed by YellowOffice and were handmade in Italy by skilled craftsmen. The bulbs come in varying animal forms such as a parakeet, bat, blo

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Tracktile Dining Tables

When you think about toy trains, kids will immediately come into mind. But for the big kids, here is a dining table which you are bound to love.

Called the Tracktile Dining Tables, Paul Mottram has come up with an adult-sized and flappable wooden tile table with toy railway tracks to truly bring out the child within. Available in different combinations, the integration of these railway tracks should offer some fun over the dining table for people wh

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Sofa with a built-in iOS Speaker Dock

As the influx of multimedia device continue, some would still be on the prowl for useful but affordable docks with speakers to have by their bedside or in their living room area. Actually, some have taken it a notch higher, checking out the new furniture integrated pieces that already have built-in docks of their own.

They are normally seen integrated in beds and pillows but today we find something done for a sofa. Aptly called the Sound

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Postage Stamp Rug Collection

Here are some designed rugs that should bring up your home ambiance up a notch. The Postage Stamp Rug Collection should be something lush and dandy to have, featuring Her Majesty’s head embossed on 100-per-cent New Zealand wool.

They were hand-woven in the Kathmandu valley of Nepal and come finished with scalloped borders which account for its stamp-like design. They are available in various colors, sized fro

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Miss Wool Lamps

Lamps are known to play an integral role in perking up homes but Doimo takes it a notch higher by improving the usual lamp shades with some wool. These are aptly called the Miss Wool Lamps which are part of Doimo’s Season 4 collection, promising to add some life into your home interiors and rooms.

The wool lamps are knitted into perfection, covered in wonderfully knitted wool materials which can be removed when required and ar

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A Droid Lamp

Unlike today, robots and droids were not as sophisticated as they look. And for people who were around during the rise of robos and droids, the Jangir Maddadi Design Bureau takes the idea up a notch to come up with these odd but unique looking lamps which seem to be adapatable to modern living spaces.

Though not as sophisticated, the Droid Lamp does offer the sensible functionality one would need when it comes to illuminating and lighting a pla

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Fan-tastic Chandel-Air

Here is something new for the people who want to spice up their living room or dining room. While we all know that there are a lot of ceiling fans with integrated lighting, the Fan-tastic Chandel-Air comes with a chandelier instead!

Designed by Meyda lighting, this new chandelier with fan carries a sporty and trendy style that features a 44-inch wide Diamond Turbine. This modern fan chandelier comb

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The Gemy Bathtub and Shower

For the people with limited bathroom space or cannot choose if they want a shower or a tub, the Gemy Bathtub and Shower should resolve those issues. Aside from an impressive all-in-one bathroom setup, the Gemy comes with massaging jets which should make it soothing for the stressed consumer.

This luxury spa/tub is computer controlled and comes with some headrests and an automatic cleaning system. If you want to push your demands a notch further, you can even add a 15” LCD TV or

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Towel Warmer Rack Radiator

Here is something you can add to your bathroom. Especially for cold seasons, drying out or warming your towel may become a problem for most. Designed by Saffet Kalender, this modern stainless steel towel warmer radiator boasts of a five-rung design that increases in depth from the base to the top, forming an airing shelf with plenty storage for a stack of rolled or folded towels.

Cranking up the heat a notch or two, the Bosporus Z is an enhanced design

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