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MOCAP Changing Face Clock

MOCAP Changing Face Clock

Here is an uncanny clock that geeks may find interesting. The MOCAP is a clock that features a face that seemingly “changes” or offers an optical illusion of sorts depending on the angle at which you are looking at it.

The clock is made from bamboo and looks pretty much clear when you look at it up front. But all that changes when you look at it in angled directions.

The numbers used for this clock are made of tiny pin-like white balls which are placed in varying heights. This type

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Big Bamboo Wall Clock

Big Bamboo Wall Clock

Are you bamboo crazy? Well here is another one for the home or maybe even the office.

This time we have a bamboo-based wall clock, something from designer J.P. Meulendijks.

Unlike traditional bamboo-made items, the Bamboo Wall Clock has a painted black matte background which allows the designed numbers on the clock pretty much visible.

The shape of the clock reportedly changes as you walk around it. Apparently the numbers look like they are dissolving or seem to be falli

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Frame Work Bookshelves

Frame Work Bookshelves

Here are some illusionary shelving solutions for you, the Frame Work Bookshelf from Labyrinth BCN. Seemingly looking like a 2D picture frame at first, the whole thing holds books and other pertinent reading materials efficiently which is actually held away from the wall using a metal frame.

The Frame Work Bookshelf should be an eye-catcher at first although all this illusions were made possible thanks to the size of the whole thing. The shelf should be perfect to show off your prized rea

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Geothermal Glass Isom Tables

Isom Tables

For the folks looking at modern pieces to complement their homes, here are some geothermal glass tables which should fit in easily.

Better known as the Isom Tables, these tables boast of colored glass which are strategically placed for a different kind of look. They consist of a hexagonal top resting on three upright pieces, forming certain angles which eventually make them look like they are an isometric drawing of a cube.

The pieces are glued together using UV adhesive. The gl

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A Magical Floating Lamp

Carrying an unusual visual effect, here is a magical Floating Lamp that should be wacky to have in any room. The lamp was designed by Angela Jansen and developer Ger Jansen, engineering students which should instantly be the talk of the room wherever it would be placed and spotted.

The trick is apparently in the lamp shade design which renders an optical illusion of sorts. Other than that, the Floating Lamp makes use o

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The Z Shelf by Miron Lior

Love cleverly designed furniture that tickles the brain cells and also appeases the design nut in you? Then do check out the The Z Shelf by Miron Lior, which is more of an optical illusion than a functional object. The shelf has five surfaces that zigzags up and down the wall and since the bookends are concealed, one feels that the books are standing up against gravity.


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The Magic Chair of David Conti

Here is an optical illusion chair that seems to portray it standing on only one leg. Designed by David Conti, the Magical Chair is not so magical and gained its moniker thanks to some type of transparent material.

The chair looks awesome at some angle and should be deceivingly naughty for people who love extra ordinary stuff in their homes. A definite must have for the people who love illusions and of course to impress

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The Frnkwz Stool

Called the stool, the Frnkwz was added for proper identification. It looks like any simple stool you can perhaps sit on, supported by pyramid-shaped expandable legs which are part of an urban society.

This stool takes expanders, objects normally part of the “urban society,” and places them in this optical illusion stool to create stability. Then the frame as well as the bungee straps are in place to reduce the “formal complexity” of the whole contraption.

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