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Panton Chair

Panton Chair

A tree trunk will almost certainly be part of a piece of furnishing, chairs in the most likely cases. Normally they would undergo further procedures to make them functional but that doesn’t seem to be the case with the Panton Chair.

A single tree trunk and special skills behind a chainsaw resulted in the Panton Chair, molded carefully by a chainsaw specialist. The carved beech trunk resulted with the intention of translating the original design of Verner Panton into another material w

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CRAC Side Table

Tired of the same old and common side tables? Well here is one that should be interesting. Aside from the fact that the CRAC side table offers a different kind of look, it may somehow also remind people how others are slowly deforesting our trees and how each would look when they are taken down.

The CRAC side table carries an original design which depicts as if it was broken from an actual whole tree. The table was made possible by trips of ash glued togeth

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