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Recommended Pillows


The Amy Armchair

Alpa Salotti offers a stylish modern chair which shall surely be welcome in contemporary to modern homes. The Amy Armchair features a leather clad seating solution that is readily supported by a disk-like chrome base which atones for its futuristic look yet functional make.

Also, the chair has an adjustable headrest which should all the more provide ergonomic support and further pampering when you sit down.

The white leather makes it the ideal addition to a contemporary neutral palette, or pa

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Airline Seat Loungers

Airline Seat Loungers

The Hosu Convertible Lounge are award-winning loungers which should remind you somewhat of a first class seat on planes, assuming you have seen or actually sat on one already. Coalesse takes that idea with these airline-looking seat loungers, complete with an extendable foot rest sofa and an enclosed surrounding surface clad in yellow.

The lounger was made to offer a relaxing piece that will complement work stations or homes in need of ample resting space. Just like an airplane seat, it even h

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Windwork Furniture Pieces

Windwork Furniture Pieces

Merek Karhof offers an array of visually appealing and functional chair pieces which should easily be neat for home use.

The Windwork Furniture pieces were made possible thanks to her team-up with windmill-driven manufacturers to produce the said seats which are capped by small pillows that are said to represent the amount of windpower required in the fabrication process.

They are also said to be an extension of Karhof’s 2010 Wind Knitting Factory wind-powered knitting machine

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The High Nest Chair from Autoban

Nest Chair

This is one chair that seems to be familiar if you have been into posh homes. But the Nest Chair is actually a high back lounge chair that comes close to a chair which has an integrated bird cage in tow.

The chair should be ideal for the indoors and outdoors, contemporary and comfortable enough to relax on when the need arises. The chair comes completely padded with pillows and is available in American black walnut, American white oak or a lacquered finish.

The Nest Chair does n

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American Flag 20″ Decorative Toss Pillow.

Show off your patriotic side and express love for the United States, by getting the American Flag 20″ Decorative Toss Pillow. This pillow doesn’t need to be used only on the Fourth of July and can be used while you are sitting comfortably on the couch while watching TV. The American Flag is adorned in richly textured, luxurious Belgian velvet and it doesn’t look like a tacky souveni

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The And 16″ Pillow

Typography is a trend here to stay and there is something quite hipster about it, which we of course love. The And 16″ Pillow will be lapped up by fans of  Helvetica or anyone who like fonts in general! Selling on the Crate and Barrel website, this monochromatic pillow has a Helvetica ampersand in white on black reversing to black on

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Wacky Cat Tunnel Couch

Cat Tunnel Couch

For folks who have actual cats in the house, here is something that should keep them busy when you are down and resting. This is the Cat Tunnel Couch, something designed by Seungji Mun.

The sofa was said to be built from scratch using a piece of pipe to act as the tunnel and foam for the cushions. Along with some couch covers and pillows, this is one neat couch to have. Also, it would be a neat idea to keep the felines away when you really want

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Uber-Cute Dogs Pillow

Are you an animal lover? Do you love your dogs and cannot imagine life without them? Then show off your unequivocal support by getting the Dogs Pillow, which is available on the CB2 website. The project is a result of a partnership between CB2 and San Francisco’s Creativity Explored, a nonprofit visual arts center where artists with devel

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Susan Dwyer Pillow-like Creations

Susan Dwyer Pillow-like Creations

Pillows were made to aid people who want better sleep but Susan Dwyer offers something different, technically an interior design motif that would offer relaxation for people seeking to perk up their rooms.

These have to do with the pillow-like creations, pieces which should improve home interiors in a snap. They are made from polyurethane plastics which closely resemble balloons. The design seems a bit similar to

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Plush Ball Decorative Toss Pillows

Want to add some individualistic style in your space? Then instead if going the usual accent pillows, opt for something fun and funky. Our vote goes to the Plush Ball Decorative Toss Pillows, which are round toss pillows and resemble beanbags. The round toss pillows will look good in any setting and have a very playful vibe to them. The fabric is soft and plush and the cover and fill is 100% polyester. Plus

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