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Lightblaze 400 with PARBlend Technology


For home owners who invest heavily in green houses and plants, here is something useful for you. Proper lighting is essential but the proper light resources are needed. Apparently thanks to LED technology, not only will home owners be able to combine alternative energy with proper lighting.

The new LightBlaze 400 improves upon prior models with better cooling, allowing for brighter output and longer life. The new PARBlend color mix provides the spectrums plants crave, resulting in exceptional growth and flowering.

It’s not unusual for a grower to start with one o

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Phyto-Purification Bathroom


Here is a “healthier” way of making sure that when you take a bath, you use filtered water. At least you don’t have to spend to buy actual filtered water in bottles. With the Phyto-Purification Bathroom, it transforms ordinary water for you to use with its natural water-recycling process.

The key is in the plants obviously. And with so many people particular about the quality of water that touches their hair and skin, this is definitely one idea you should get.

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Growing Chair

Go green with complete style and comfort. Check out the brilliant Growing Chair by Michel Bussien where the idea is to sit on your potted plants!

Says the designer:

“To move further we need to incorporate the living matter that surrounds us. Let us use the complexity of living nature and include it in our creations. These creations will then redefine the way we reconstruct nature. Only then will we truly move forward. It is time for man and nature to reunite.”

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Live Green Walls

For people who want to have something different, putting up a “Living Wall” in a manner of speaking is something that is bound to gain interest. And for David Buscher, a massive installation of greenery is perhaps the best way to go about it, taking the concept of outdoor living designs to the next level.

With its green wall, Bluehouse is on the cutting edge of an interior design trend that’s slowly making its way into the United States from Europe and Canada, where it has been more

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Hydroponics A Good Alternative To Soil

Don’t exactly have little green thumbs? No need to worry as you can master the art of hydroponics and grow plants without them dying on you. For the uninitiated, hydroponics entails growing plants without soil, by using a solution of mineral nutrients. For more information on this method check out the following website: plantlightinghydroponics.com


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A Plant Pot that Calls Your Attention

Plants are known add-ons to our homes and while they do spice up any room today, we tend to overlook them especially if they need watering. Now what if you had a plant pot that can remind you and give them a piece of their mind in a manner of speaking? Then perhaps you will no longer forget to water them eh?

Such is the concept of this Pet Plant Pot which uses a digital LCD display programmed to show you what a plant needs. It may sound geeky but it does he

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Bedroom Inspiration #17

This is the 17th inspiration of the bedroom design. The theme color it used here is the combination of green and white. It looks so natural and relaxing just like being in a forest. The feeling is so relieving. It looks so good too by putting some plants in the room as decorations. Try it out!

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