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Green Plant Lamps

Green Plant Lamps

People who want some natural looking lamps may want to taking into consideration these Plant Lamps. The concept somehow looks a lot like how one would grow vines to cover up their concrete walls or wooden fences, something which you can eventually do now for lamps in case you are looking for something different.

Siesta offers a lamp that comes with a lattice shade and neck which stem out of a soil pot after which all you have to

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A Modern Breakfast in Bed Solution

Practically anyone would love to have breakfast in bed although there may be limitations depending on the type of breakfast tray that will be used. But thanks to clever design by Stefan Otzelberger called the hotspot/breakfast, you practically get a pretty pampered way of living the good life if you are still too lazy to get up.

The whole set consists of a kettle, a toaster, and even an Espresso machine, all capped with a hands

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Willow Collection Plush Planters

For most of us, pillows are normally known to provide comfort and aid in sleep. But thanks to some dandy ideas from the people behind the Willow Collection, here are some neat ideas that make pillows look like they can be used in lieu of actual flower pots.

Each of these plush planter pillows were made with quality textile materials and at different colors too. The fabrics are waterproof and the bottom

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The Dino Desk Lamp

Though it doesn’t look that scary, the Dino Desk Lamp is a functional piece that should serve you well. It is simple yet adorable, coming in dinosaur-shaped molds that should provide the necessary aid especially for people who need to read or do some work by their desk overnight.

The Dino Desk Lamp was designed by Deger Cengitz where its base can also act as a holder or maybe even a pot for a plant. The lamp is made of recycled felt and is a

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Pot Cot Baby Crib

If you are not comfortable of the type of crib where you would leave your child, here is an alternative for you. This is the Pot Cot designed by Ubabub, a child-holding solution that comes with rounded ends and transparent sidings and star cut outs.

The mold and make of the Pot Cot should allow guardians keep a clearer eye on their babies. Also, once the child has outgrown the Pot Cot, it can be transformed into a bed. It is made of eco-friendly and fe

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Cadac Portable Grills

These portable grill are meant for people who hold parties on the go but they can be ideal equipment for people who may want some barbecues at their very own backyard. Better yet, they may even be great backup grills, the Cadac Portable Grills for tailgaters.

These versatile portable grills come in a convenient carry bag that makes them easy to pack away with the coolers, chairs and blankets required for a proper party. But once that perfect parking lot space has been staked out, they quickly and easily transform into a tailgate kitchen that can handle everything from hambur

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The Terrorist Tea Pot

The Terrorist Tea Pot may not be conventionally pretty however it does reflect the times we live in! The Tea Pot is made from porcelain where as the cozy made from wool. The cup holds 1,5 liters.

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DIY – Make your own Cork Lamp!

Ever wanted a cool lamp you can stick pictures and other stuff on?

Well, Kate over at Design Sponge shows you how to make one from scratch.

ever since i saw one on a bedside table in domino magazine, i have been in love with and searching for vintage cork lamps. they are hard to find though, and often pretty expensive, so i finally decided to try to make one! i was looking for bases that had a nice modern shape, and surprisingly i found

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