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All Tied Up with a Corset Lamp

Corset Lamp

The Corset Lamp should be another nifty piece to have in your home. Playing along the lines of contemporary to modern lighting element that people will surely find handy, this lamp requires some effort on your part, not that technical but more of a puzzle that needs to be completed.

The components which include cork, wooden elements and the bulb with cord should be easy to understand as far as assembly goes. A corset of course is the final piece in the lamp, something which i

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Monomoka Studio Furniture Collection

Monomoka Studio Furniture Collection

Surely you have seen some of the uncanny posts we have been putting up, a lot of them about uniquely or weirdly designed pieces which eventually offer the necessary functionality that folks would be looking for in their homes. Well here is another.

Although they aren’t really weird in a sense, the unique design of the Monomoka Studio Furniture collection employ a crochet-inspired or knitting way of representing their pieces, all eventually finished in familiar forms that one would certai

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Brain Teaser Tables

Brain Teaser Tables

Folks will always want a furniture piece that is simple to have. But then again, there are those who would go for the sophisticated ones, something like this Brain Teaser Table which should really hog a lot of attention when placed alongside your usual furnishings.

Looking a lot like a puzzle which serves as the foundation for this awry looking table, the Brain Teaser Table should get that mind of yours oozing with multiple ideas on how to solve the base.

Not of course the main intention

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Puzzling Groovy Light

Puzzling Groovy Light

Here is another fund-raising project that promises to reward you for your efforts. Joe Player has recently launched the Light for a Cause Project over at Indiegogo and promises to give folks the opportunity to pre-order one of these funky lamps called the Groovy Light.

The neat and puzzle-looking lamp is something that can be easily assembled and a sure great addition for any home. It is packed flat and proceeds from the fundraiser will go to the Richard Branson’s Virgin Unite Foundati

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Creative Bone Chairs

In what seems to be more of a puzzle which comes close to an educational toy, the Creative Bone Chair is something you will not usually find in stores but offers another way on how you can dress up your home with seats which will surely grab some attention.

The chair is basically a hole-framed piece which allows users to plug in some cylindrical upholstery for comfort. The chair was designed by JDF Raum and Kunst and is described as a fun and playful

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The Mudo Table

Here is another “puzzling” piece of furnishing for your home, the Mudo Table. The table comes with a red colored base, built from masonite with a plastic laminate on each end. The pieces are interlocked to look like a puzzle that should be perfect for people seeking a perfect home.

The Mudo Table was designed by Patrick Carmody and Kfir Shetrit of OCD furniture, a table which was made using as less waste as possible. The table is topped off with a cl

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Pallares Puzzle Chairs

Carlos Cordoba offers some odd but unique looking chairs for us called the Pallares Puzzle Chairs. Developed from natural fibers, each chair is made up of three (3) identical parts cast from a natural fiber tetera and polyester resin composite.

The parts are interchangeable and can be simply snapped together like a puzzle. They are easy to assemble and disassembled meaning you don’t have to worry about clutter and store them somewhere when

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The Twist Alarm Clock

For the people who are looking for odd and unique looking alarm clocks, here is a new one for you. The Twist Alarm Clock aims to make sleepy heads more alert, especially when it is time to get up from bed. It is like a puzzle where you have to solve simple math problems to turn it off.

These are simple math equations and if you don’t get the right answer, expect some loud ringing to really piss you off at the start of the day. They are now available and retail for

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Puzzle clock

The alarm is ringing, and you want to shut it off. Hold on a second, with this alarm clock, it won’t put it’s ringing to a rest until, you solve the puzzle on top of it. Yes, you’ll be picking up different puzzles on your table and start putting them together cause you just can’t bear the sound. While you’re at it, you’re likely to be awake.

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Puzzle Sofa

Innovation’s IStyle Collection is designed to rock your living space with trendy, avant-garde designs and modular functionality. Created in Denmark, the Puzzle Futon offers 19 choices of fabric color and three choices of legs, making the Puzzle Futon a modular and chic addition to any room in your home.

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