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The Prism Table

The Prism Table

Here is a visually pleasing table that should be neat to have around the home. Designed by Maurie Novak, the Prism Table from MN Design, it does what prisms are normally expected to do, refracting light and turning them into colorful rays similar to that of rainbows.

The Prism Table would make a neat

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The Equinox Light Clock

Coined as the Hands of Light and Darkness, the Equinox Light Clock will illuminate for people who want to view hours, minutes or even seconds. This clock was designed by Bram Knaapen where it presents hours as three colored blocks, minutes as a single colored block, and seconds as a fading row of blocks, all of them sliding round and round the Equinox circle.

The clock comes with 60 RGB LED lights equipped around the circle of this clock allo

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Hastens Limited Edition Pixelated Beds

Swedish bed manufacturer Hastens offers a cool looking bed design, a pixilated masterpiece that should capture the interest of people seeking uniquely designed home pieces. Designed by Cristian Zuzunaga, the company has teamed up with design magazine Wallpaper to produce these limited edition Hastens luxury beds.

The bed design combines originality and taste with rainbow pixels together with natural wool, linen, horsehair, cotton and Swedish pine. These pixilated beds are set to be made availab

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The Advanced Rainbow Clock

Here is a cool looking clock you can consider getting for your room. The Advanced Rainbow Clock comes with a soothing translucent crystal backdrop, complimented by a color-changing light that should carry some relaxing atmosphere when you need it.

The clock comes with 8 types of soothing sounds, an FM radio, a large LCD display and a line-in jack to play music from an external audio source. The Advanced Rainbow Clock costs $89.99 and should be a perfect clock if you want something re

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The Pixel Luxury Cabinet

Here is a unique colorful cabinet from Boca do Lobo. The Pixel is a rainbow-themed colored cabinet that is made of 1088 triangles created with a silver leaf, gold leaf, lacquering and 10 different types of wood leaf.

Inside it has an aged mirror and drawers for storage. If you want this lush and colorful cabinet, be ready to shell out $23,850, not a cheap home add-on for the people who have tight budgets.

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Musical Kiddie Tables

Taking the form of a familiar kiddie xylophone, the Rainbow Coffee Table should be ideal for the music lovers out there. It is made out of wood and takes from a common design of kiddie xylophones which can actually provide you a tune or two.

The table is not only something you can have to perk up your home, but something tha

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Visentin LED Light Shower

Here is another LED-inspired shower design for your consideration. The Visentin LED Light Shower is a lush way to take a bath in style. The Visentin bathes you in a rainbow of therapeutic colored LED lights such as orange, renewing white, relaxing blue, healing pink or refreshing green, each with its own therapeutic qualities, turning your shower into some sort of a home spa.

A great enhancement for modern homes looking for some quality enhancements.


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Rainbow Star LED Lamps

The Rainbow Star LED lamps are sure to be the solution for people looking for atmosphere setting lighting for any home. They can also be ideal to keep a room lighted since they automatically illuminate once the usual electric lights are shut off. They come in seven different colors. It can either glow in one color or cycle gradually through a bunch of different colors. To give you an idea on size, each lamp measures about 10” tall. These can either be plugged in or powered by AA batteries. They are only available in Taiwan.


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