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Safety First with the U-Bed


Perhaps only in the movies can we see about people accidentally (or intentionally) falling into rails or tracks, the likely outcome of which is of course death. In the real world, there are instances, most heard of in the Philippines and India. But the U-Bed may be something that could prevent such tragedies.

The U-Bed idea from Ruidong Wu is a safety bed nestled with a railway track system, a potential life-saving solution for countries which have growing railway-related accidents. This

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Charlotte Girod Collapsing Chairs

Charlotte Girod Collapsing Chairs

The stacked chairs you see above seems to be something made for something artsy. However, as per the designers, these chairs are fully functional especially if you take them apart.

Charlotte Girod offers some fanatical seating creations which make them look as if they are about to collapse. The creation makes it look like two to three chairs are on the verge of collapsing and hence unstable.

But according to the designer, they are as functional and reliable as most chairs we use

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Kube by Ego Paris

Kube by Ego Paris

Multifunctional furniture pieces don’t need to be restricted to indoors and thanks to the Kube, such can be enjoyed even by the patio or maybe by the poolside if you have one. The Kube is a collection of convertible outdoor furniture piece

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Flintstone Homes in Malibu

The home design may seem a bit ancient and totally out of the usual modern interior design that people would look for these days but a Flintstone-like home would really be something rare and magical for some.

Especially for the people who are fans or have seen the rock aged family home setup, there is actually one up for sale over in Malibu, USA. And the location of the said home is perfectly complimented, situated wit

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Adrissone Bed

The fantasy world is a wonderful place to visit from time to time. Filled with dragons and knights and quests, it is no wonder that many of us enjoy escaping from the mundane of the real world into a fantasy book or movie for a short spell as often as we can. Bringing your love of the fantasy world into your décor, however, can be difficult. If you go with too much, your design can come across as over the top. If you do not have enough, there is no display of your fantasy love at all. Finding the balance is what i

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