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The Meta-Fora Table

The Meta-Fora Table

Here is another multi-functional piece for the folks who need one or have limited space. The Meta-Fora Table is a table, shelf and divider rolled into one, something designed by Agata Monti.

The versatile piece provides various potential positions and molds, allowing it to be something easy to integrate into rooms or homes, not to mention maximize space constraints as well.

The Meta-Fora table is made from Okoume wood and comes in a natural finish.

Meta-Fora is as much a work sta

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Shipwood Dark Bookcase

It seems that Fashion for Home is offering a lot of home organization solutions lately. After seeing the Dickens cardboard bookshelf, we know spot the Shipwood Dark Bookcase. This time, the bookcase was made using salvaged wood from old Chinese riverboats that more or less is responsible for the make they eventually come fin

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The 505 Shelf System

Looking for more lively and functional storage options for your home? Well the 505 Shelf System from Molteni may be something that could interest you. Designed by Nicola Gallizia, this is a great shelving system that can easily adapt to the modern home interior design setup.

The 5050 Shelf system is a clean and playful storage solution which should aid you in properly displaying your stuff and clean up

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Twilight Futuristic Air Cooler and Purifier

Here is something healthy and awesome to have for the people who invest heavily in home interiors and design. The Twilight is actually a futuristic air cooler and purifier which is combined with an OLED display that will allow you to watch some videos and displays while enjoying some cool and soothing air.

Twilight helps establish better functions and better interaction among users, environment and appliances. It can also be used a room divider, to which extent it can be applied to fulfi

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