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The Sinapsi Bookshelves

Having seen a lot of neatly designed bookshelves the past week, here is another one for you from Horm. The only difference with this one is of course the design, a modern and trendy make which should entice you to upgrade or perk up your home with handy functional storage.

The shelves were created by Sebastian Errazuriz, producing modular shelves which are said to be inspired by the impulses of brain cells. They come in polished polyurethane element designs and can be clustered, rotated or mirror

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Wooden Stairs for the Outdoors

Wooden Stairs for the Outdoors

Ideally, stairs would be a great piece to have in homes. Aside from aiding us in getting to the top or going down from multi-level homes, these outdoor wooden chairs offers something different such as a conversationalist piece or a playground of sorts for the little ones.

The Outdoor Wooden Stairs were designed by Sebastian Marbacher, something made from communal plywood bench. The stairs carry a different kind of design, offering possible social interaction, not to mention an art form t

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Animated Cartoon Chairs

Animated Cartoon Chairs

Taking a look at this chair, the initial impression makes it look like it was something coming from toon town. Apparently the designed chair from Richard Woods and Sebastian Wrong applied some striking effects, something made possible with the help of a thick black line of paint.

The black paint was somehow used to resemble wooden patterns, thus rendering an animated look for this multi-colored seat.

Captivating and inviting to look at, these chairs should be a hit with the kids

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Atomic Lighting Tubes

Atomic Lighting Tubes

When I see these lighting tubes, it reminds of some old computer game puzzles wherein you have to place the right tube shape to win the game. And while I am clueless if this was even considered when Malgorzata Ratajczak and Sebastian Szlabs from studio Emandes did this, the real thing is that they look like neat lighting solutions for any home or office space.

Called Atomic Lighting Tubes, folks can get an unlimited number of solutions from these colorful tubes, something which easily s

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Rock and Roll Tables

Here are some tables that may just rock your home, your living room in particular. The Rock and Roll Tables come from Team 7, lushly made tables that take inspiration from the stone age and axe tool.

The tables are carved from 3D natural wood segments and were magnificently designed by Sebastian Desch. Although the table does come in an odd shape and height, the overall design of this table should instantly spring life into homes th

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The Apple Desk

For the many Apple device users out there who may have more than just one of Apple’s line of handy gadgets, here is something that should help you out when it comes to organizing them and putting them in their proper place. This is the Apple Desk, something that Sebastian Lara came up with.

The desk comes with angled indentions, something that includes charging bays for your iPad or your iPhone. It also features a built-in, hideaway platform in the mi

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The Expensive Metamorphosis Book Shelf

Here is another uncanny design for people seeking functional pieces for their home. This time around we have a book shelf designed by Sebastian Errazuriz of Chile. He calls it the Metamorphosis, a bookshelf reportedly inspired by an ivy-covered garden from the designer’s grandmother.

This is a limited edition piece, hand-carved and made from Baltic birch plywood. The expensive bookshelf will debut de

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Shake, Rattle and Roll with the Octopus Clock

Here is an alarm clock that should rock your world. The Octopus clock is a brainchild of Sebastian Oeyen, totally designed with form in mind. It is a slick and modern desk clock to have and is really meant to be rolled around and tipped over.

The clock should be perfect for people living in rumbling places that are prone to earthquakes aside from being a wacky clock to have if you are tired of using those old tra

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The Movable Lamp by Sebastian Ducha

The Movable Lamp or the Bewegeleuche is a new kind of lighting solution that comes with four cords that are attached to a pulley and a counterweight. When you want to move the lamp, you move it with a bit of pressure, up, down, left, right, diagonal, backward, forward, anywhere you want.

This is one lamp that should fit in nicely for people residing in studios or apartments and want to have specified lighting on areas and of course save since they don’t have to worry about getting multiple

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