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The Fan Table

Tables are known to come featuring a flat surface but the Fan Table offers something different. If you think it, a fan does have its slants and curves and that is exactly what the Fan Table has. The table comes with 400 slats meant to offer a different type of look yet with the same functionality you would expect from a table.

The table was meant to look like a fan and can convert into other shapes. The Fan Table was designed by Mauricio Alfonso with the int

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The Acrylic Oste Table

The shape is familiar but the materials used on the Oste Table promise to offer a catchy twist through its acrylic make. The table was designed by Colico Design, sleek and light that should add some splendor in any home in an instant.

With the transparent nature of the Oste table, you can bet that its overall design can easily blend into any home living space and provide the necessary functionality people would want such as

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The Trizin Stool Collection

Looking a lot like warped wood, the Trizin Stool Collection was really made to look that way. This odd looking stool collection was assembled using little to none adhesives, using only the physical boundaries of plywood to keep it up.

With tensioned edges and strategically placed wedges, designer Michael Blumfeld presented the Trizin Stool Collection at the Salone del Mobile exhibit. The unique use of wedges not only helps to hold

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The Surface Tension Lamp

In what has to be one of the wackiest lamps I have ever seen, the Surface Tension Lamp should be something that kids are going to enjoy. The lamp applies practically the same concept that a bubble-blowing process does, something that will never ever have a fixed shape.

The lamp was designed by Booo! Studio. They actually requested designers to come up with lamps that would cost under $100 to assemble and in the end, it wa

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Sexy Joki Bench

Here is a bench that comes with sexy curves, something that should really spur up some inner juices. The Joki Bench does have an odd-looking make, coming in long overall make with some curves and bumps that seem to be the division between seats.

Now depending on how you sit or lay on it, the bench can really render something sexy especially if you think about having some sexy girls (or studs) sitting or sleeping on it. The Joki Bench was designed by Kayiwa

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Floppy Disk Coasters

One thing that people will surely want is to make sure that their tables will be protected from stains caused by water from cups and glasses. And while the standard coasters are available out there, here are some which could add some uniqueness for people who want to be classy and protective when it comes to their table finishes.

These are Floppy Disk Coasters by Vectorcloud, coasters that take the shap

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Bench for Surfers

Here are some cool benches for the people who love to go to the beaches and take on the wild waves. The Surfer Benches by Duffy London take the shape of a surfboard only that the edges are bent in a way to act as the legs of it.

The Surfer Benches are made to order, are handmade and turn out the best craftsmanship one could imagine. They are made from classic balsa wood and should be a great seating solution for your home, inside or outside. No pric

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Orange Mod Loungers

Here is another cool lounger you can consider, one made for adults and kids. The Mod Lounge Chair by Offi offers a modular solution that anyone will surely find comfy and fun, something that should tempt you even more to chill and relax.

The Mod Lounger is made from recyclable plastic and was formed using a rotational moulding. The chair does carry an odd look and shape, something which does offer comfort despite its deceivi

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Liquorice Bookshelves

Here are more cheeky and trendy looking bookshelves for you, something called the Liquorice Bookshelves. Alessandro Masturzo offers a unique looking piece, bookshelves that take the shape of the popular candy capped with some appealing colors that should easily blend in any modern home setting.

The shelves are made from rotomoulded polyethylene and should be something excitingly new to hav

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Frozen Jelly Fish in Glass Lamps

When it comes to unique lamp designs, jelly fish shaped like lighting should be something original. While they are apparently familiar fixtures from the ocean, their mold and shape account for a neat kind of lighting solution in these lamps which should be a dandy for any home or room.

Something like these Glass Lamps which make use of jelly fish like shaped lighting that make use of a c

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