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Nectar Hanging Lamps

Sweet and neat are what best describe the Nectar Hanging Lamps, another potential home changer for people seeking better and improved ambiance for their pad. The pendant lamps were designed by Rebecca Asquith for Designtree and were designed as you would see is close to that of a common hive.

They are made from felted polyester and are available in three different colors. They als

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Muse Fabric Pendant Lamp

Looking for more ideas to spice up your home? Well here are some more pendant lighting options for you. They are called Muse, fabric pendant lighting options which come in interesting shapes and vibrant colors.

Axo Light offers these lamps in two variants. They come feature 11 colors and have a removable and washable stretch fabric that envelops the metallic wires. Axo Light aims to produce product

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The Softvoro Shelf

In what looks like it was inspired from some alien movie, the Softvoro Shelf aims to provide an organic alternative to the standard bookshelves through its odd looking round compartments. The rounded compartments intend to offer a better way in handling your books or stuff, doing away with the traditional rigid edges.

The shelf does carry a modern look, ideal for any type of home setting. The Softvoro Shelf thus becomes a great solution in handling

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The Pallone Leather Arm Chairs

They come in colorful shades and interesting shapes but overall are considered dandy leather chairs you can consider having in your home. These are the Pallone Leather Arm Chairs, part of the Sculptures Collection that promise to offer versatile and comfort seating in any part of the home.

The chairs feature a low profile make capped with a gently curved backrest that should be more than enough to pamper anyone seekin

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The DOOLight Drop Light Lamps

Looking for something more than just standard chandeliers? Well the DOOLight Drop Light may be something lush to consider. These are uniquely designed pendant lamps which should provide new illumination solutions for your home, featuring curving contours which complement the spherical shapes of the detachable globes.

The lobed ceiling-mounted fixture is simply a stand and charger for a cluster of five raindrop lightb

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Landing Lighting

Though the Landing Lighting design from Kim HyunJoo seems to be something that carries a prehistoric twist to it, the light it emits on an odd direction does make it something handy for people seeking a change in mood. The Landing Lighting piece combines fluid shapes with natural granite to deliver an organic piece that will surely render a different kind of accent for people wanting to spur up some mood-enhancing instances where the piece would be eventually

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Adhesive-less Chairs and Tables

It is a given that most chairs and tables rely on nails and some form of adhesive to hold them all together. But as far as designer Konstantin Achkov is concerned, it can be done without them. Apparently it all boiled down to the shapes and makes of the materials needed to mold a functional chair and table for any individual’s use. Achkov used an 18mm CNC router cut plywood for the table which also stands about 75cm high. The end

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Roll Ceramic Countertop Washbasins

Here is another potential bathroom improvement solution for you. Made by Italian brand Ceramica Flaminia, a new organically shaped wash basin is up for your discretion. It features a lip that looks like a casually rolled-up piece of ribbon. This contemporary style washbasin adds an artistic element to your counter tops while satisfying your daily bathroom requirements. The Roll wash basin is a

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Honeycomb Lamp Shades

Looking a lot like artificial hanging beehives that could gather attention in homes, the Honeycomb Lamp Shades should offer a new twist as far as providing improvement for home looking for a lift. The lamp shades come from DesignTree, made from recycled polyester and steel spider rings. The lamps shades come in various colors (misty, clay and orange) as well as two shapes. The lamp shades should provide a necessary a

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The Octopus Modern LED Floor Lamp

The Octopus looks like a grown up and more sophisticated take on the Lava Lamp. The modern LED Floor Lamp by LumineXence will grab eyeballs in any dynamic space, thanks to its stunning form factor and unique styling. Inspired by the octopus, the two toned lamp stands 210 centimeters high and has been equipped with a steel base.

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