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Hello Kitty Sofa from Sanrio

Hello Kitty Sofa

This is perhaps the most striking Hello Kitty sofa yet. Sanrio unveils the Hello Kitty Sofa, a nifty seat you can always retire onto after a long day.

This time around, the Hello Kitty sofa showcases the face of the beloved Hello Kitty Character which you may notice is the backrest for this sofa. The sofa is made as well from strain-resistant and easy to clean material, meaning you don’t have to worry about spilling and creating a m

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The Fiona Roberts Scopophilia Seat

The Fiona Roberts Scopophilia Seat

Depending on how you look at it, this seat does look creepy. But then again, the Scopophilia Seat by designer Fiona Roberts could be an eye-catcher, something that may make you feel like there are a lot of “eyes” looking on you.

Technically, it does though. For the record, Scopophilia stands for “the love of looking”, perhaps the reason on why the design was made as such. The chair showcases some scary floating pla

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The 45° lighting collection

The 45° lighting collection

If you are clueless to date on how to perk up your home interiors, check out the 45° lighting collection. Vibia showcases an industrial and sophisticated way of enhancing lighting options with these cylindrical ceiling lights that should instantly perk up the mood in any area.

Carrying an industrial-type of a style, the lights can be easily rotated to highlight certain areas

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The Recession Chair

The Recession Chair

As far as the Recession Chair is concerned, it is highly doubtful that anyone would be able to sit on it and feel comfortable and safe. Apparently the chair was purely made for design purposes, something reportedly made to represent the current economic situations the world is experiencing.

Designer Tjep made use of mass-produced IKEA chairs as his basis, carving away a portion of the seat’s structure and thus coming up with a weak-looki

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Embarakiya Floor Lamps

Do not get spooked out when you come across this floor lamp. The Embarakiya Floor Lamp makes it look like an Arab Sheikh is using a lampshade as a way to hide himself but in all, that is the actual design of the lamp.

The lamp showcases a human being figure as the body of the lamp, the body of which is made from fibreglass. The body is clothed with traditional Kuwaiti clothing, same as the lampshade. To turn it on, you have to shake the

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The Facecord Cabinet

If you are looking for a secret hiding place to hide your valuable stuff, here is a cabinet for you. The Facecord Cabinet is a neatly made piece that resembles a stack of wood that is normally seen by the fireplace.

The cabinet is made of hardwood and showcases the usual exposed edges that make up its stacked wood-like feel. Internally, the cabinet has four spacious drawers that allow you to stock and hide items which you would not want to be

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The Bed Linen Bob

The name for this bedding may seem dull but when you take a gander at it, you may be surprised. Well actually, the bedding doesn’t offer anything fantastic only that it would be perfect for the people who love pets.

The Bed Linen Bob from Snurk Bedding is actually a simple

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Weathered Wood Tables

Riva offers another lush piece you can consider placing in your home with the Weathered Wood Table. The table showcases a different type of look by using watery logs along with a glass topping to offer an innovative piece that should be perfect for use in the living room or the patio.

The Venice designed by Claudio Bellini is an innovative piece featuring these water-logged, weathered and cracked wood pillars rising

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Vito Selma Wooden Furniture

Another Filipino has gained some attention, this time in the world of furniture making. Vito Selma showcases his line of wooden-inspired furnishings, rendering a stunning and complex furniture design line that carries simple and artistic touches which should be great for any contemporary home setting.

Apparently Vito places emphasis on the bold and nude nature of wood, designing them in a way which should more than gain the attention of peopl

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The Circula Seating

While the shape may not necessarily carry the expected modular seating one would expect, the Circula Seating can blend in perfectly with any modern home setup. The seat takes on many different shapes ranging from circular to floral designs.

The Circula Seat is a brainchild of Taurus Designs and produced by Brune. It showcases various geometric patterns and can be easily customizable to suit your needs and existing modular home interior set

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