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Steps Staircase Seating

For sure you may have used the steps or stairs to sit on during one occasion or another. And it looks like that idea has given designer Geof Ramsay had this in mind with the Staircase Seating Systems.

One could only imagine how awkward and lacking in comfort sitting on the steps would be but if you had a cushion of sorts such as this one, they all that may change. Consisting of just three footfalls, Ramsay was able to come up with an odd

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The Doodle Leather Sofa

If you think a leather sofa is plush already, wait until you get the chance to make it all better. The Doodle Leather Sofa designed by Front for Moroso not only offers a great way to spoil your aching body after a hard day’s work, it comes with a creative map of sorts to offer some artistic touch when you put it in your home.

That is perhaps where it gets its name – Doodling. Actual doodles were used by the artists, coming up

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Scape Modular Seating Systems

The seating may seem odd but they do seem to offer a lot of flexibility if you think about it. While the positioning for someone to lay on may seem a bit hard to imagine, the Scape Modular Seating Systems does have some functionalities for comfort and accommodation when needed.

For one, they seem like Tetris-inspired or even a map when seen from a top view. The blocks that comprise the seating system offer a cushion of sorts, leaving a pe

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Chance Rounded Backrest Chairs

Here are some neat chairs you can check out again. They are called Chance – rounded backrest chairs from Saba Italia. The rounded design offers an armrest of sorts for people who may eventually find themselves sitting on them, capped with fun-colored upholstery or floral prints.

The chairs were designed by Sergio Bicego, something that should be just in time for the Spring/Summer. These chairs should be a gre

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Tiara Diamond Princess Sofa

Now you can really tell those stories and give your princess a real feel when it comes to really getting into the flow of tales. This is of course thanks to the Tiara Diamond Princess Sofa, something exquisite and magnificent for your little girl/s.

The sofa comes with Queen Anne legs and really looks like a Tiara of sorts overall. It even comes with sparkling crystal acrylic rhinestones to complement the comfortable-looking bright pink fau

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Uccello Side Table and Lamp

Picturing the Uccello Side Table and Lamp from afar, there is no question that it does look like a bird but is actually something that should come in useful for any home. This is a cool recreation of sorts where the legs and stands were meant to look like branches while the table top and lamps are leaves.

The table and lamp was designed by Monocomplex, a creation that was intended to render intuitive and emo

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Dome Hovering Bookcase Design

Bookworms and people who love to stock up their books and magazines are bound to want a reliable book case in their pad. Until now however, people could care less but if you had the choice to keenly integrate it in a mini and hanging library of sorts then this round hovering bookcase design will truly be something fascinating if you can have one made as well.

Designed by Travi

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Tensegrity Lights

In what seems to be more like an art work of sorts, the Tensegrity Lights were made as near replicas of some 1960s sculptures made by Kenneth Nelson. Although they were made on a smaller scale, a slight modification in the form of some fluorescent bulbs were used which are perhaps the new focus of the modified lighting sculptures.

A network of cables connect each end of the lengthy light bulbs to offer intricate forms which

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Illusional Half Lamps

The lamp may seem creepy at first but everything was meant to be an illusion of sorts. But in reality, the Illusion Lamp was really made to be wall-mounted in such a way to throw you off guard, a neat idea for people who want something interesting in queer in their living space.

The lamp was designed by Hareide Design of Oslo for Northern Lighting, another one of those neat alternative for people seeking wise lighting

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Samsung Smart Digital Window Alternatives

The CES Trade Show would normally be unveiling gadgets and devices but the event does showcase some of the advanced home improvement technologies one would certainly be interested. Among them include this Samsung Smart Digital Windows which should be a neat alternative over the traditional transparent windows.

The window is actually a monitor of sorts in disguise, something that allows users to che

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