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Recommended Squares


The Flexible AdjusTable


There would be times wherein you would need a flexible table to rely on and perhaps the AdjusTable from Riccardo Bovo is something that could shed some light to your worries. The AdjusTable is something that is made up of eight independent squares, each having the ability to support the other.

The table can be adjusted in height or width, meaning it can eventually turn into a

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The House of Cedar

Homes made of glass normally signal home owners who wouldn’t mind other people from seeing what is inside of it or what goes on inside. But rather than glass, it seems that the House of Cedar comes close to such a design idea, an architectural masterpiece by architects Suga Atelier.

People can see through a transparent façade the inside of the home. The House of Cedar is a two-storey building made up of squares and rectang

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B Kube Stackable Storage

We have yet again another potential storage solution in the B Kube, a stackable storage solution from 5Lab that is made up of interchangeable squares that should offer the flexibility that people would need for their living space.

The B Kube is made up of modular pieces and can be stacked to the owner’s desire to blend in and offer varied storage solutions. This includes being able to design them in a way where a modern bookshelf can be eas

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Booty Bean Bags

The Booty Bean Bags are certain to be a hit with people looking for comfort over conformity. They are the so-called choice of the new generation of style-conscious people. These body-friendly, eye-appealing chairs are perfect for sitting, sleeping, lounging, and a variety of other 21st Century activities.

The bean bags come in a variety of geometric and free-form shapes, including squares, circles, and the traditional slouchy bean bag.


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DIY: Cork Coasters

Make your own modern style coasters and party in style. Here are the things you require:

1/4″ mdf cork tiles printed numbers or simple design for the coasters xacto knife straight edge cutting mat freezer paper spray paint spray varnish fine grit sandpaper

Step 2: Cut your mdf I had leftover mdf from another project, but it was in large sheets so I cut it down into six 4″ squares which seemed about right for coaster-size. Sand the edges to smooth off any rough spots.

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uneven squares quilt + shams

Quilted squares add dimension to a pure cotton voile shell. Standard and euro shams, envelope closure. Poly fill. Machine wash. Imported.

Down and down-alternative bed pillows: Soft 230-thread co

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The Brighton Plaid Quilt

This beautiful Brighton Plaid Quilt is an exclusive product from linensource.If you think your bedroom looks too dull, this quilt will color it up by a vibrant plaid of yarn-dyed chambray squares. It is hand quilted with outline stitching and a straight edge

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