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Recommended Table-lamp


The Coral Reef Light

Lamps turned on by the mere touch are readily available in the market but the Coral Reef Lamp stands to be the latest and innovative one you may find in the market. This lamp is actually a LED table lamp that features an adjustable light form that can be dimmed as preferred by users. The lighting angle can be changed to the heart’s content of users, all made possible with a simple tap on the stand and lighting platform. The lamp carries a catchy make

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The TWIN Cable Lamp

Here is another table lamp you may want to consider. The Twin Cable Lamp is something from Serien and is made of chromed aluminium and white polycarbonate shades that makes it perfect for any part of the home. The lamp provides a functional direct task lighting while diffusing light from other angles to deliver that ambient glow that would be perfect for the kitchen, living room or even your bedroom.

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Phalanx LED Table Lamp

People seeking more energy-efficient lamps to have along when they want to get some work or school stuff done may be interested in this Phalanx LED Table Lamp. Designed by Michael Samoriz, this is one eco-friendly lighting solution that comes with five movable segments that includes the base coming with bright LED lights. It isn’t hard to adjust and get the ideal position to make sure you get the needed lighting if you want to avoid racking up your electric bi

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Funky Plexiglass Table Lamps

Here is a cool table lamp for you, something rendering some 2D love. This funky plexiglass table lamp was designed by Emmanuel Jacquet and features cut-out silhouettes which are backlit, defining their shapes while rendering a desired glow in any room it may find itself in.

The lamp is available in various shapes, each with a certain twist, which should spice up any room in an instant. The lamp should be s

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The Lumen Lamp by Enrico Salis

The Lumen Lamp should be another neat looking table lamp you can use when you read, do some paper work or simply want a light source to add some mood and illumination in your room. It features an adjustable arm which holds a paper-chandelier like arm that can easily be adjusted based on the users preference.

Designed by Enrico Salis, the Lumen Lamp can be set into two positions with the electrical wire magnificently hidden. This is one

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Moooia Lolita Feminine Lamps

Here is another cute lamp for your room. Made by designer Nika Zupanc, the Moooia Lolita Feminine Lamp should be perfect for females. It comes with three pastel shades of pink, grey and black and is shaped like a bell with some frill on the edges to enhance a more feminine-like mold.

This is actually part of a range of lamps which include the Lolita Pendant, Lolita Table Lamp and Lolita Floor Lamp designs. These candy-like lam

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The MGX Bloom Table Lamp

Add some new light-rendering stuff in your home with the MGX Bloom Table Lamp. This table lamp was designed by Patrick Jouin and offers the evolving versatility of an opening flower that can fine-tune the level of illumination you desire.

It features a polyamide petal-pushing lamp shade that can be collapsed and unfurled, revealing layers of delicate corollas. The MGX Bloom Table Lamp comes in two heights with about 99 models available. Th

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Guitar Lamps for Rockers

Since we have been seeing a lot of odd yet useful looking inventions for the home setting, why not a guitar lamp for a change? It should be ideal for rockers and musicians and even come with a 3-way dimmer at that.

There are two different types available; one sits on a microphone stand while the other it a table lamp. They come with a power chord which uses the familiar ¼ jack as its point of exit. These Guitar lamps will set you back fo

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The Needle Table Lamp

Here is another odd lamp for you to check out. Called the Needle Lamp, this lamp was made by British Designer Vitamin, making use of adjustable aluminum needles. It comes with a power cord with a fabric sheath and is wrapped around the point where needles intersect.

It also features a base with some extra holes which should be behind the adjustability of the angle of the LED lights. The Needle Table Lamp comes in blue, orange, green an

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Write? Light! Table Lamp with Pencil

Write? Light! Table Lamp with Pencil

Whether you are working or looking for some odd looking lighting solution, this Write? Light! table lamp with pencil seems to be made for the people who just cannot take work out of their minds.

It is a lamp that gives off a powerful glow which should aid you when you want to write something that comes into mind. Here is how this thing works: Pick up the pencil to light-up; place it back to turn it off.

Elementary yet fu

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