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Chuckwagon Toddler Bed

How adorable and (expensive) is the Chuckwagon Toddler Bed ? Retailing for a whopping $13,995.00, this bed is certainly not for the offspring’s of mere mortals. The canvas covered wagon is a toddler size bed but it also features a changing station area with storage. The changing station area has a place for a changing pad and also

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YiAhn Convertible Bassinet

This is every young parent’s dream furniture. The YiAhn Convertible Bassinet seems like a sensible investment thanks to its multi-functional properties. It can turn into a bookshelf  and even a chair and table.

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The Lax Collection

LA based designer Nolen Niu is the creative force behind the Lax Collection, which includes a sofa and an armchair. Comfortable, luxurious and stylish are some of the words that best describe the LAX collection. The fabric seating and wraparound shell are actually two separate parts.

Via Contemporist

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The Z-Ball

The Z-Ball is an award-winning chair, ball designer  James Van Vossel. The inflatable ball comes equipped with 3 handles, that claim to provide solid back support. Its quite funky however I don’t think one should sit on them when they are a tad tipsy!

Via Design Addict

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The Valentino Console Table

The Valentino Console Table makes a dramatic style statement and will add a touch of sophistication in any livingroom. You can order the table from Spacify in a variety of colors and materials like walnut, cherry wood, wenge and clear glass for the base.

Via Padstyle

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The Marshmallow Bench

The Marshmallow Bench will sure brighten up any living space and bring a smile on your guests face. A modern take on the retro Marshmallow Bench, you can order one from Inmod. The Marshmallow is available with the option of a movable side table (taking the place of 4 cushions) or with cushions, which include 12 all the way across. This seat is perfect for an office or a home setting.

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Powerwise Table

Love then or loathe them, you cannot ignore them. I am talking about wires which area necessary evil in these modern times. That is why I like the Powerwise Table, which also moonlights as a charging station. The table comes equipped with  eight hidden electrical outlets where one can plug in their gadgets. Swedish designers Johanna Strand and Asa Elmstam are the brains being the table.


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Recycled Chair

At Bedzine we love products that are eco-chic. This recycled chair by Australian Industrial designer, Stuart Mcfarlane is no different. The designer has used no screws or even glue and the chair can hold up to 100 kg of weight.

“It is suitable indoors and out, and can be re-recycled at the end of its life via domestic infrastructure,” says Mcfarlane.”

Via Dezeen

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Pocket library by Ariel Jacubovich

As a veracious reader and a collector of books (okay paperbacks), I am always on a lookout for storage solutions. Since I am always suffering from space issues, I love the idea behind Pocket library by Ariel Jacubovich. The Pocket-Library is foldable and has straps which holds the books. What truly great about this piece of furniture is that it can be folded and transformed into a

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The Woodstation

Sébastien Wallet, a designer at Inovaxion is the brain behind the uber cool Woodstation. This one is not just a simple alarm clock as it also shows information like sunny – partly cloudy – cloudy – rainy / snowy and stormy in its own inimitable style. Also when someone get’s close to the Wood Station®, a movement sensor will detect him or her and will automatically display the product’s screen through the wood to give you information.


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