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Dylan Oak Bedroom Suite

None other than the iconic Bob Dylan has inspired the Dylan Oak Bedroom Suite. The Queen size bed with its slat bed looks modish yet inviting and the suite also features matching bedside tables, tallboy and a dresser. For more information head over to Forty Winks.

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If you want to make LEGO Desk like the one seen in the picture above then we highly recommend you visiting this page here. Maybe you can actually make one for yourself!

Here are some facts about The Desk:

* Approximately 35,000 LEGO bricks were used. This includes almost all the pieces from 32 Blue Tubs (#3033), almost 300 (!) small baseplates (8×16 studs), and 63 blue plate packs from LEGO Shop-at-Home. A few

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Cube Bedroom Suite

The Cube’ bedroom suite from Forty Winks has been crafted from premium grade New Zealand Pine and features a Queen size bed with a foot-end storage drawer (on extension runners) and matching bedside tables and 6 drawer tallboy. You can order it online from here. Bedroom Furniture Set Options ~

* Queen Size Bed with Storage Drawers * Bedside Tables * Tallboy * 4 Piece Suite

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Also Chair

Those who have space issues will certainly appreciate the  ‘Also Chair’ by designer Akin Bacioglu. This chair is all about multi-tasking as in few easy moves one can transform it into a table. It also features a bookcase so to make sure your favourite book isn’t far away.

Via Design Blog

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Wannabe Table

As someone who is in the process of shifting the Wannabe looks like a godsend. Designed by llot llov for Pulpo, the powder-coated steel table can fit on a moving carton seamlessly.

“It’s a piece of metal to be folded around a cardboard box. Very handy in the first days of moving into a new home until everything is settled- which always takes longer than one originally plans for.”

Via Dwell

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Hudson Headboard

Target has some great deals on furniture and the one that caught my eye was the Hudson Headboard. Retailing for $349.99, the bed is shipped for free and is available only online.

*  Modern Style Headboard * Brown Hardwood Frame * Brown; Bi-Cast Leat

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The “Futaba” coffee table/convertible love seat is the brainchild of Brooklyn based designer Akemi Tanaka. Stylish and functional this multi-functional piece of furniture moonlights both as a loveseat and a

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DIY: Hoodie Laptop Sleeve

Protect your expensive laptop by making a protective laptop sleeve from an old hooded sweatshirt. You will require:

– An old Hoodie. – Scissors – Something to mark with. – A sewing machine (or the appropriate hand sewing skills) with the applicable needle and thread for your chosen method. – A ruler/Strait edge if you don’t wanna eyeball it like I did. –    pins. – For further instructions head over to

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DIY: Candlelight Lantern

Make your own candlelight lantern and light up those dreary winter nights. To read all the instructions head over here.


* Clay saucer * Clean, damp sand * Hurricane chimney * Candle (make sure it is shorter than the top of the hurricane glass; I use something called “utility candles” — they seem to be the perfect size) * Heavy twine (optional) * Flowers (optional) You can make the

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Rigidified Cloth Table

Check out this cool table,which unfortunately still is a concept. Not only is this table legless but also has been made of rigidified cloth (resin). Don’t you love it when people think outside the box?

Via Fresh Home

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