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Proust Geometrica Chair

Proust Geometrica Chair

Here is a chair made for the people who have a feeling of royalty. But the thing is, it comes with a “colourful” catch, something that reminds me a lot of Punky Brewster.

Anyway, the mold of the Proust Geometrica Chair takes the classic form which (with the usual colors) should recall the elegant and aesthetic magnificence that the chair was made famous four.

But as for the Proust Geometrica Chair, it seems that a mixture of unusual textile made up of different colors render

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The Talma Lounge Chair

The Talma Lounge Chair

Things are not what they seem at first and the Talma Lounge Chair seems to be just that. The chair is said to be named after a type of cloak, suited for the deceiving nature of this piece that should be neat to have in homes.

The Talma Lounge Chair can reportedly switch between basic modern seat into a more comfy one, something which should be nifty to sit on.

The chair was designed by Benjamin Hubert from London for Moroso, something which was made while reducing material, weig

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Captivating Cradle Chair

Cradle Chair

The Cradle seems like a familiar chair that you may have come across but this hammock-chair combination should certainly be something worth resting on, especially for the folks looking for high quality furnishings that can certainly be something to look forward to.

The Cradle was designed by Benjamin Hubert, an intriguing piece of furniture that should be an elegant and practical add to any home. With an ergonomical and aesthetic backrest that should really provide the needed comfort th

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The Slot Sofa

The Slot Sofa

Here is another dynamic piece of furniture, a sofa that a way depicts the popular brick game Tetris. He sofa somehow incorporates all the comforts a person would look for as it combines a sofa, coffee table and ottoman all rolled into one.

The Slot comes with common constructional gaps you can find in between the cush

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Wooden Daybed designs

Wood is perhaps the last thing that one would consider comfortable to lay on but not if there are excellent hands at work to make them all the more soft to sleep in. This is with regards to the Wooden Daybed designs from Elisa Strozyk, a bed that was made possible through paper-thin wood pieces and quilting combined.

The daybed was actually designed for the exhibition called The Threads That Bind Us in Milan.

Based on a project found in the

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Suzusan Luminaires Textured Lighting

Here are some more neat lighting ideas for your home. They are called the Suzusan Luminaires, textured lighting designs that were inspired by a Japanese textile finishing technique known as shibori.

The lamps offer three-dimensional patterns that complement its ivory color palette. The lamps were designed by Hiroyuki Murase made to transfer the cultural meaning behind shibori texture. The Suzusan Lumina

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Interioricity Handy Lamp Lighting

Here is another potential lamp that could come in handy for the people who frequently work their ass off. Only this time, the Interioricity Lamp is more of a plush addition you can have on your table. Other than that, it could be a great lamp to have by your bedside too.

The lamp was designed by zwei21, a modular lighting masterpiece that boasts of colorful, textile cables, plugs, lampshades and joints. Each pa

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Interactive Light Objects

Shedding light on specific areas in homes are needed by most but there would be some people who would want easier interaction that should require lesser effort. With these Interactive Light Objects from Viktor Alexander Kolbig, not only do these lamps or light objects provide light but also offer some unique interfaces that should be dandy for anyone’s use.

The variety of lamps include the Seide, Air Light and Water Light. The Seide lamp

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Moody Sofas for the Moody People

There will always be a certain comfort level that people would want from sofas and with these various Moody Sofas, one of them has to satisfy that itch. Thanks to the efforts of designer Hanna Emelie Ernsting, we have three items from the Moody Collection to suit the consumer’s need/s.

This includes the Moody Couch, the Moody Nest and the Moody Bag. All three pieces offer an inviting and tempting appeal, particularly to the moody folks

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The Succession Furniture Collection

Fredrik Farg offers a cool new kind of furniture collection for you. The Succession Furniture Collection offer an animal-like form together with a feeling of movement. The collection is composed of textile leather shelving and stools that should provide the necessary comfort you would be looking for on trendy furniture collections to date.

The individual pieces are bound in rope, heated, and then cut loose to produce a seamless patt

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