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This isn’t Just an “End Table”

The “End Table” from designer Jody Racicot is a mixture of new and old materials. Referred to as a Time Table Mixer, the End Table is made from rich mahogany and is partially recycled and newly made.

In this end table, old chrome steel legs from an elder table are re-used, attached to a newly formed end table that now is more than the sum of its parts without a doubt. Not a bad combination and in fact the

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The Time Table

This is not a table that will bring you to the past or the future. Rather, the Time Table is something that should keep your organized. The table comes in an acrylic clock dial set with rosewood finish and comes covered by another layer of functioning glass for protection.

It stands on a leather base and should be an ideal addition to the artistic home designers and owners. It costs $30,800, a bit expensive that should limit it to the heavy spenders for marquee home interiors and desig

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