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The Dune Sofa

The Dune Sofa

Here is yet another sofa piece for you, simple but more importantly comfy to reside onto after a hard day outside. The Dune Sofa from Estel was designed by Ora Ito, a slim and trim piece that is reportedly easy to fit and personalize into any existing abode.

The sofa is ably supported by trapezoid-shaped legs, while the upholstery options are flexible thus giving potential owners the freedom to personalize them as they wish to fit their existing home interiors.

The concept of the Dune is to

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Slanted Modular Tables

Katana Modular Table

Ideally, tables would come in one universal shape. It would either be square, rectangular or circular but here is one table that is actually slanted on the side.

This is the Katana Modular Table from Yoann Henry Yvon and Giarcomo Sicuro. The table was meant to be used as a working table or alternatively somewhere you can eat on. Its unique mold thus makes it look like a trapezoid, something which can be placed adjacent.

With two inward-angled edges, the Katana Modular Table can b

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