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Atomic Lighting Tubes

Atomic Lighting Tubes

When I see these lighting tubes, it reminds of some old computer game puzzles wherein you have to place the right tube shape to win the game. And while I am clueless if this was even considered when Malgorzata Ratajczak and Sebastian Szlabs from studio Emandes did this, the real thing is that they look like neat lighting solutions for any home or office space.

Called Atomic Lighting Tubes, folks can get an unlimited number of solutions from these colorful tubes, something which easily s

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Libra Wine and Bookshelf Combo

Libra Wine and Bookshelf Combo

Here is an ecofriendly piece you may want to consider for your home. The item is the Libra wine and shelf combo, reportedly made from ecofriendly materials designed by Capolinea Design.

Among the materials used included recycled cellulose tubes, wood and iron water pipes. The tubes were molded magnificently to offer needed aid and functionality for organizing your booze and other stuff such as books. The whole thing was made using the re-use philosophy, the shelf can be used as a bottle

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The Pumpkin Room


The Pumpkin Room is something that was actually made for office, particularly in one located somewhere in Beijing, China. The room was made for people to brainstorm, perhaps to come up with some neat strategic idea which will render companies favourable outlooks and results.

Then again, people who take their work at home (or work at home for that matter) may want something similar to the Pumpkin Room. Not only does it offer the

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Copper Tube-supporting Furniture

Tubes as furniture could only be a brainchild that “Super Mario” can make realistic but the thing is that in real life, TJ Volonis has somehow repurposed these copper tube fittings to render a useful and functional piece of furniture that should be something any home may do well with.

The result after TJ’s efforts is an artsy and sultry home piece that offers an interestingly patterned support that renders a versatile fou

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The Folder Chair and Table

Do you often find yourself having no place to work or running out of tables and chairs at home or the office? Well here is a portable solution for you called the Folder Chair and Table. This was designed by Arun Paul, using a collection of discs and tubes that can easily be assembled into a conjoined set to aid you in your needs.

The Folder Chair and Table should be likewise neat to have on the go. For example, if you happen to fi

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The Weather Proof Kirv Collection Furniture

People seeking for great furnishings that can take on the severest of weather conditions may want to check out the Kirv Collection. Designed by Alex Moore, the Kirv Collections features hand-made stainless steel materials that are magnificently molded ergonomically for varied functional uses. Colored tubes were shaped brilliantly which should be ideal for modern living spaces. The pieces also come with some eco-friendly things in mind since

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The Interlux Armchair

For the people who want to continue living like Jedis, here is a chair made of plexiglass for you. This is the Interlux Armchair, something that should put you close to being a Jedi Knight similar to that of Star Wars fame.

Designed by Manfred Kielnhofer, these are chairs that can also light up thanks to two fluorescent tubes embedded inside it. But with rarity and quality comes a price. These Interlux Armchairs cost $2,500 a pop. So if you are in

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Spiers + Major Stairway Lighting

If these guys could do these neatly designed stairway lighting on spiral staircases then you can just imagine how they could succeed on standard or normal staircases. Spiers + Major have drawn the curiosity of a lot of folks for magnificently lighting up the Usher Hall, Edinburgh, Scotland’s top historic art venue.

They were able to conceal all the wiring and electrical equipment, ding the trick on a hard-shaped sta

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The Ferrari GTB Chair

Here is another vehicle-inspired furniture piece, a chair that takes its design from a Ferrari GTB. It is constructed from rolled 4 mm aluminum with solid side panels and aluminum rear tubes.

The Ferrari GTB Chair features matte black textured side panels as well and comes in various textured colors like red, black, yellow or even silver powder-coated finishes. This chair will set you back for $950.

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Meltdown Chair

You thought only us humans were prone to meltdowns? Check out the Meltdown Chair, which was designed last year. The Chair is funky and a testament to the imagination of the designer!

The chair is created by heating and pres

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