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The Petiole Hammock

People who love to spend some time resting or even sleeping in hammocks are bound to find the Petiole Hammock interesting. The hammock was handmade in Sweden that took four weeks to make. The Petiole Hammock was actually a recipient of the Les Découvertes award for innovation and creativity at the prestigious Maison & Objet design show in Paris, giving you an idea how cool this hammock is. The suspended hammock is supported by a 9 1/2′ electropoli

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Electrolux Wind Washers

Here is something useful that can be added to a home. Though only a concept for now, this brainchild from Electrolux can really be something useful for people who want a conservative home appliance in tow. Applying some eco-friendly initiative, this Electrolux Wind Washer concept can certainly have its share of consumer demand.

It would appear that there is another way to clean dishes with this concept device known as the Electrolux Wind Washer. It does this by using air and UV rays for cleaning. However, some fine-tuning may be in order and apparently once that happens, exp

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