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Venetian Glass Lamps

Venetian Glass Lamps

Vistosi gives you more pendant lamp options with these snazzy venetian glass lamps. Designed by Marco Acerbis, these lamps somehow render refractions and reflections to spread an expectedly ideal glow into areas where they would be installed.

The lamps combine geometric lines to enhance the light rendering side, offering you and your home a warm glow passing through the glass transparencies that are somehow able to do it with the help of a crystal-like blend.

The m

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Irony Bed

Italian Designer Maurizio Peregalli recently launched his simple but sophisticated Irony Collection which works as well in a modern loft with contemporary furnishings as it does in a home replete with traditional antiques. Irony pieces have surfaces with slight irregularities that create the illusion of wood, yet they are expertly c

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Grand Venetian Design

Okay. Queen Elizabeth, we have the bed suitable for you. This MAJESTIC looking bed is just so beautiful in every way. Perfect for your titanic mansion don’t you think? With a titanic price tag too. I wouldn’t be able to get a bed like this anytime soon, but I’m thinki

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