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Secure Personal Networks with the Anti WiFi Wallpaper

Majority of people may be making use of a router these days but the issue on how secure their personal networks would be is put into question. With all the hacking going on, you just never know when you would become a victim of such.

However, this Anti WiFi wallpaper could provide some peace of mind. The wallpaper comes with silver crystals as its design to somehow block frequen

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Khalid Shafar Colored Rope Seats

Leave it to Khalid Shafar to show off his creativity and designing talent with these colored roped seatings. While his work may seem to be pretty much sophisticated in nature, you will admit that they do seem snazzy to have while also blending in nicely in any home contemporary setting.

His furnishings offer a perfect balance between elegance and casual comfort, something which should offer various city lifestyles that bring a story or

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On/Off Switch Paint

In something advanced and could be a glimpse into the future of home interiors, switching on or off your room light can be done as easy as the familiar clapping sounds we see in the movies. The On/Off paint just needs to be integrated with an electronic switch that you can set up to control your lights and is advanced enough to be used as a dimming controller if you want to.

The On/Off Switch is something you can paint it on you

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Wallpapers By Wall & Decò

Hate those run of the mill floral wallpapers? Then check out the collection by Wall & Decò which boasts of designs within designs. All designs feature a  blend of rock gods, fashion icons etc which overlap with funky and striking effects. Via Moco Loco

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Bryonie Porter Wallpapered Furniture

With Bryonie Porter, you can spring some life into those old and boring furniture you have in your home through some trendy wallpaper designs. The company wallpapers whimsical prints onto repurposed furniture and should add some flare and style into your home in no time.

The furniture starts at €350, including original pieces and materials, and can be ordered through their

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ZNAK Wallpaper


The ZNAK Wallpaper is innovative and encourages you to take more of a hands on approach. This modular wallpaper has been made with a special designed perforation that lets you tear off the pieces,so that you can create and customize according to their tastes.

Designer: ZNAK, Studiohausen, Aldo Kroese (Latvia) Manufacturer: ZNAK (Latvia) Inspired By: transformation process of snakes Material: non-woven wallpaper Colours: 11 different colors available Dimension: modular sheet 1m high by 0,465m wide Price: EUR 10.00 per modular sheet – retail price


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X-Flex Wallpaper Keeps Your Home Protected

Making sure that your walls are not victims of wild parties or some unfortunate vandalism is something any home owner would want. And apparently, the task is not as simple similar to placing a covering on a simple piece of furniture. Apparently, the X-Flex wallpaper is something that can address such a need. They are made of Kevlar-like materials which you just peel off and stick to the wall. Once placed, you don’t have to worry about unwanted marks or scratches since your walls can take all that beating if any. No more worries of renovation or retouching as well.

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Disney Fairies Wall Applique

The perfect topping for a child-themed room comes in the form of ideal wallpaper and the design they come in. Themes like this Disney Fairies wall appliqué should be something to change the room ambiance in a hurry, carrying the fantas-based setting that babies often find themselves in.

This Disney Fairies wall appliqué is removable, repositionable and reusable. It is self-sticking and will not damage nor harm walls. Just peel and stick it and you have an instantly gorgeous room for your kids.

Price: $11.96


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DIY: Wallpaper Lanterns

Make wallpaper lanterns from leftover supplies and decorate your house with it.

Step 1: Start with a generously sized piece of wallpaper, in the neighborhood of 32″ (in this case, the width of the wallpaper) by 44″, and make accordion folds about 2″ deep until the whole piece is folded. Hole-punch each accordion fold on both sides, as shown here.

Step 2: Flip the paper over, and make a fold in the opposite direction of the accordion folds, as shown here (this will fo

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Colour-In Wallpaper

Paint on walls without sending your roommates into a tizzy. Just get the Colour-In Wallpaper by artist John Burgerman and let those creative juices flow. Of course given the intrinsic design on the wallpaper this may be the longest paint job in history.

Via Reuben Miller

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