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The Glacier Chaise Lounge

Here is one lounge seat that should be perfect for the coming cold season. The Glacier Chaise Lounge should be the perfect addition to your home come the Winter season, something that Brodie Neill came up with using 135 liters of molten clear glass. The whole design gives viewers an illusionary look of a lounge carved out of ice, which incidentally weighs only 300 kgs. While it may seem to be a nifty addition to your living room or patio, I wouldn

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The Eternity Radiator

The Winter season may be over but for the people living in cold places, here is a heater you can consider. The Eternity Radiator comes from Alessandro Canepa, a sleek and functional heating appliance which should render the needed warmth people seek. Something to place in your bathroom perhaps?

The oval-shaped heater also doubles as a towel-warmer which should come in handy when the need arises. The Eternity Radiator is available in

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His & Her Silvretta Blanket

Here is a blanket to share. The His & Her Silvretta blanket should be a great solution for people who want to get all cozy and warm especially during the Winter season. It can be a great gift and something to get for couples.

Price: $64.99

(Source) Wrapables

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