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Samurai Wooden Shelves

Here are some more shelves to lift up your home interior design and storage needs. These Samurai Wooden Shelves are masterfully crafted, ideal for the people who follow and are enthusiastic about the Samurai warrior regime.

And while a lot of these hailed warriors are no longer active in our time, everyone is pretty much aware of what they carry. The shelves carry a complex design that should be neat and enough to fit in your traditional hom

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Victor Wooden Shelves

If you are on the lookout for unique and different shelvings, check out the Victor Wooden Shelves. They were designed by Daniel Becker of Germany, made out of solid oak wood and quilt backs over the traditional materials shelves were made.

With the use of quilts, people get another material to consider. It gives quilting another dimension, something that initially limited it to bedding, clothes and some sofas. Using fabric-covered MDF pan

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A $500 Makeover for your Guest Room

For most people, the issue of having to spend a lot for remodeling or redesigning any part of their home is a cause for delay in being able to get the ideal designs today. With the rising cost of purchasing home furniture, designs and materials, people are bound to shelve it for now.

But what if you can get it all for a mere $500? Not a bad deal if you can come up with a good design for a room right? All it really takes is patience and resourcefulness as shown by two

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