Futuristic Sleeping Pod Bed 

 December 20, 2019

By  Marc Laurance

Check out this hot futuristic Sleeping Pod Bed. 

On a serious note, this sleeping pod is somewhat a mixture between a bed, mattress, and a sofa. Unfortunately, this particular model is no longer available, but, since then, the technology has advanced tremendously, and taken another approach. Now sleeping pods are quite popular in offices, instead of homes.

These days, people are under a lot of stress, and they can hardly maintain their best performance without suffering from anxiety-related issues. For that reason, some companies have introduced a new approach, where their employees can take a break in an insulated, sound-proof sleeping pods, and charge their batters for the upcoming business challenges.

How, let’s see how this sleeping pod works and is it beneficial as they say it is?

Who is it for?

We get it; this entire concept might seem a bit farfetched; however, the designers had one idea in their mind, when it comes to potential customers. It mostly targets individuals working in the medical field and who have to maintain their working schedules around the clock.

For that reason, this cocoon will help them sleep privately, by isolating outside noise, and without any intrusion. In this case, your body will have a chance to recover and get ready for new medial inventions. However, we still don’t have information on how many medical institutions decided to install a sleeping pad. But, one thing is sure, besides its convenience, this product will not only help you relax but also rest your mind.


The company that manufacturers sleeping pad is quite serious when it comes to this exclusive ambient of “peace and safety.” In a lot of cases, this capsule will deter the intruders, since it’s sound-proof and fireproof.

The entire sleeping pad features a transparent façade made of “smart glass” that can regulate the level of light inside the pod.
Additionally, it has specially designed sensors that control air, sound, and light, to optimize comfort level for its users.

Other types of pods

A different kind of pod that might interest you is the tranquility pod, which targets average people, needing more time to rest, without outside noises disturbing them. However, this product is rather expensive, so not many people can afford it.

Nevertheless, let’s see how does it work, whether it’s worth investing money. The tranquility pod is made of fiberglass shell, which features a coated glistering gel layer. This unique shell can stop 90% of outside noise, due to internal acoustic credentials.

Additionally, it contains a four-speaker sound system that you can control through your smartphone or iPod. However, the sound system doesn’t only allow you to play music inside, but it’s responsible for mild vibrations that harmonize with your body’s relaxed pose.The audio system features a unique lighting system as well, and it’s synchronized with your bio-feedback. So, basically, this pod measures your pulse.

Marc Laurance

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Marc Laurance
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