A Shelfie for Bikers


Shelves are indeed a useful piece to have in homes and for the ones into biking, here is a solution to keep your bikers in place.

The Shelfie is something which should keep your bike stocked up properly, not to mention turn it into a temporary piece of art as far as room interiors are concerned.

The special rack should hang on to your bike when not in use, providing storage as well for your cycling stuff so that you can have an organized and easy way to pull them out onc

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Round Square Cabinets

Round Square Cabinets

In what looks like another mind-twisting piece, the Round Square Cabinets should be something aesthetic and functional you can consider for placement in your home.

Designed by Studio Thier & Vandaalen, the piece combines a common looking wooden frame stand which somehow protects a bubble that was specially molded to fit internally.

The glass sphere (or the bubble) is enclosed in the wenge wooden framework, that should capture your gu

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Bike Saddle Type Stools

Sella/Sellino Stools

For the bike riders out there, here is something neat to have around in your pad.

The Sella/Sellino Stools were designed in a bike saddle by Bibi Design, a simple and functional seating solution which is available in different heights.

The Sella/Sellino Stools were made using beech plywood while being capped with a natural, light green and lilac finish, in all looking like a neat piece that could come in handy for any home – particularly one

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Classic Looking Barrel Lamps

Barrel Lamps

Although they may come in the mold of old but classic search lights, a couple of modifications and tweaks should make these Barrel Lamps neat for any home.

Taking inspiration from the World War II searchlights, the barrel lamps are made from wood, concrete and steel. The lights were designed by Nieuwe Heren for New Duivendrecht, adding some slates to really push the barrel-like look.

The tripod that the Barrel Lamp sits on is made of cement for a s

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Sitting in Royalty with Medieval Armchairs

Medieval Armchairs

We all know how the medieval times are presented and surely you have seen the kings and queens sitting on their thrones. Well these new Medieval Armchairs should be a trip for the folks scouring for royalty, something from Massimo Farina.

The limited edition seats feature visually unique finishes highlighted by a peak backrest and reaching arms all contained in the slightly concave armchair.

The curves and angles within the cha

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The Complex Lasso Lamp

Lasso Lamp

In what should be another sculptural lighting solution which you may want to have in your home, Dokkedesign offers the Lasso Lamp, a complex looking lighting piece which should add more flare and illumination to areas inside your home.

The lamp features interconnecting acrylic glass objects which eventually form a complex floating while. The translucent and overlapping layers diffuse and shed off light whether it is on or off, offering a new twist as far as l

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Star Wars Polygon Pillow Covers

Star Wars Polygon Pillow Covers

Only perhaps in computer or video games would you see certain character in a polygon-like presentation but in the case of these pillow covers, they do look neat and cheeky to have for your bedding needs.

The Star Wars Polygon Pillow Covers should interest the Star Wars enthusiast, featuring the characters from the popular film made famous by George Lucas.

Choose from among Luke, Chewie, Leia, Boba Fett, R2D2, C3PO and Yoda to appear on the pillow cover, all hand-sewn from 100% popl

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The Balloon Bench

Balloon Bench

Well here is a piece which should throw you off guard. Balloons do have the power to lift you up somehow but this Balloon Bench from H22043 does make it seem to be actually floating, an illusion which was done through carefully suspended by four anchors concealed in the inflatable volumes.

Reminds you somewhat of the popular animation flick “Up”, this is one heck of a bench to have in the home. Although you have to wonder the weight capacity it would be able to handle, the

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The Mona Lighting

The Mona Lighting

They are said to be domes to serve as shells for additional lighting features for home owners but one cannot help but avoid considering them as solider helmets which should tackle on former classic sci-fi flicks such as Star Wars or even Battlestar Galactica.

Regardless, the Mona Lighting designed by Lucie Koldova for Brokis should be a neat add to any home, domes with tinted glass which can either be supported by lanyard straps or bases which can turn them into

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The Bonaldo Cosi Side Table

Bonaldo Cosi Side Table

Here is another table that may seem unstable due to the wired framework but the Bonaldo Cosi Side Table looks to be properly made to be steady as an ox.

The Bonaldo Cosi Side Table is a wired frame side table clad in pink colors. Crafted in Italy, the whole table is made of open and interlocking frames which should likewise render an interesting visual when you move around the room.

The table is also available in other colors such as lilac and gray, giving you ample options

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