Which Direction Should Your Bed Face According to Feng Shui? 

 August 17, 2021

By  Marc Laurance

With all the time we spend asleep, it’s important to arrange the bedroom in such a way that it brings about feelings of relaxation so you can get proper rest. Applying Feng Shui properties to your bedroom, especially your bed, can help maximize the flow of chi or life force energy. But many people aren’t sure which direction the bed should be facing.

The bed should be in command position so you can see the entry door when laying down without being directly in line with it or the bathroom door. Your feet shouldn’t point towards the door, and your head should point south. The headboard should also be against a solid wall.

There are several other Feng Shui principles to understand when planning the direction of your bed. Read on below to learn more.

Which Direction Should Your Bed Face for Good Feng Shui?

Feng Shui principles state that the direction your bed is in can have an impact on your health and success. As the most important aspect of your bedroom, there are several ways to ensure that you can maximize your good Feng Shui:

Command position 

The commanding position has many important benefits. Simply put, it indicates that your bed should be in the direction that allows you to see the entry door as you lay on it. Being able to see the door prevents you from being in a blind side or a vulnerable position because you can always see who is coming in.

It also means that the commanding position enables you to see the good luck coming your way. However, be sure to avoid placing the bed directly in line with the door wall because the Feng Shui principles say that this may encourage negative energy, as someone may surprise you while you are sleeping. You can check if your bed is directly in line with the door if you enter and run into your bed if you walk in a straight line.

A good way to place the bed in commanding position is to place the bed diagonally from the door. If your bedroom layout makes the command position difficult, you can resolve this by placing a mirror in such a way that you can see the door’s reflection from bed; a freestanding mirror makes this easy to do. If your bedroom is small, simply place the bed as far away from the door as you can to prevent the interruption of chi.


Beds must always have a headboard because they support your life and dreams. Headboards should be placed against a solid wall, not one that has a kitchen or bathroom behind it as this can cause you to be suspicious or absent-minded . The headboard should also not share the same wall as the toilet either.

Headboards that are securely attached to the bed and made of solid material is best; they shouldn’t wobble or move because they provide stabilization and support for your life while balancing yin and yang. When choosing headboards, remember that they should not have any mirrors, bars, poles, openings or slats, bookcases or storage, divided into halves or has patterns, or one that’s made with metal – a solid wood headboard, softly padded, and has a soft silhouette is best.


If you have a room with windows, consider the flow of chi when mapping your bed direction. Chi needs to freely flow in and out of the bedroom, and doors as well as windows are entrances and exits for chi. Beds shouldn’t be placed underneath any windows because it will block the entrance of chi and can cause sleep disruption.

It’s also important that your bed shouldn’t block any window. But if you don’t have a choice except to place the bed in front or beside a window, use a high bed equipped with a headboard. Ideally, there is ample space between the window and headboard.

Space on each side

Having enough equal space on each side of the bed helps to balance the feminine and masculine, and yin and yang. This is especially important if there are two people sleeping on your bed.


The bed should be positioned in between or away from the closet though the left side is always best. Wardrobe doors should not be located on the head or end of your bed frame particularly if you have a small bedroom.

Bed Direction and Your Kua Number

Your kua number is one of the systems used in Feng Shui that can be used to evaluate your own bed direction. Also known as the Eight Mansions or the Eight House System, you kua number can give you insight into other things such as your house, your desk placement, and compatibility with other people.

Calculating your own kua number is easy and its results can be used to better modify the direction of your bed. The system is founded on the Chinese calendar, which is different than that of the West. Since the Chinese new year begins on February 4, depending on the year and moon cycle, if you were born prior to February 3 then the Chinese calendar states your birthday is a year before in your calculations.

  1. 1
    Get the sum of your birth year digits to get one digit. Example: 1 + 9 + 8 + 4 = 22
  2. 2
    Reduce to a single digit by adding the sum: 2 + 2 = 4
  3. 3
    If you are female, add 4 to the sum: 8, but if you have a 2 digit sum, add them together again to make it one digit. The final number you end up with is your kua number.
  4. 4
    If you are male, subtract the sum in step 2 from 11: 11-8 = 3 . Again, if you come up with a 2 digit sum, add them together to come up with your male kua number.

Feng Shui kua system states that if your number is 1, 3, 4, or 9 then your bed should be faced east while if your number is 2, 5, 6, 7, or 8 then your bed should face west.

Inauspicious Bed Direction & Placement

When planning your bed direction according to Feng Shui, there are things you must avoid.


  • Place the bed in front of the air-conditioner because not only will you be cold, it is known to bring bad luck especially for fertility. Additionally, the air-conditioner shouldn’t be above the bed or on the right side.
  • Put the bed in front or across a glass door, even if it’s a sliding glass door or the bathroom door. This is known as the coffin position because your heat or feet face the door when lying down, similar to how the dead are taken outside of houses through doors. This should be avoided at all costs.
  • Put the bed between a door and the window. This is a bad Feng Shui bed direction since the bed is placed in a direct line of chi or energy, resulting in chi that is very exposed and weak. The best bed position places it in the most protected area in the bedroom, and one that is put between the door and window is simply weak.
  • Have a bed underneath beams. The beams can cause illness as they cut across the body and can also subconsciously make you feel suppressed. If there is no other option but to sleep underneath beams, you can use a canopy bed; alternatively, arrange two flutes with red ribbons on top of it and suspend these under the beams. Place the red ribbons in an angle that allows the open ends to point upwards, interrupting its energy cutting effect and thus enabling energy to flow through the flutes away from you.
  • Put the bed underneath a window. The simplest and easiest fix for a bed under a window is to move it to a different location while thinking about the other Feng Shui principles. Now if this isn’t possible, your bed should have a solid, sturdy headboard attached to the bed frame which gives extra support since the window wall cannot provide any. Alternatively, window treatments such as roller blinds or drapes can change the energy positively.
  • Place the bed underneath stairs. The best use for space underneath a staircase, according to Feng Shui, is for storage or keeping your altar.
  • Use storage or drawers under the bed: A bed frame with storage or drawers placed underneath the bed can impact your sleep since energy is unable to flow freely and evenly around your bed’s energy fields. If you have no choice and must use this space, Feng Shui experts recommend only storing items under the bed based on its sentimental value or because the person who gave them to you are special.

There are also some things that are better kept under the bed than others such as a few books with positive titles and content, towels, clothing, and bedding. Shoes shouldn’t be kept under the bed because it symbolizes people taking advantage of you. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How should the desk and bed be positioned if they are in the same room?

In small homes, it’s not uncommon for your bedroom to double as an office or study space. To maximize Feng Shui in this case, ensure that both the desk and the bed are diagonally opposite the door. This way, you can easily see the entire room from each area.

Feng Shui experts recommend against facing your desk against a solid wall because this can hamper your creativity and concentration. If your desk is too close to your bed, you can add a folding screen that can block views of your bed.

Are platform beds good for Feng Shui?

Platform beds are a good type of bed for Feng Shui. They are designed with simple lines and gentle curves, while its elevated height places you in a protective position over other elements in your bedroom.

However, no matter what kind of bed you use – platform or other – you should not discount the other Feng Shui principles. Many platform beds are designed with storage areas underneath; if you decide to use the under-bed storage area, use it for soft items such as towels, bed linens, and pillows. 

Are white bed sheets good for Feng Shui?

White is a good choice for bedsheets in a Feng Shui home. It’s a neutral yin color, and it also enables you to easily sell the house when it’s painted white. White bed sheets are typically paired with metallic accents such as gold or silver for a tranquil yet elegant ambiance.

In addition, white bed sheets give a Zen atmosphere to your bedroom since it invokes simplicity, purity, and gives you the feeling as if you are sinking into a cloud. It’s a calming color choice and great for Feng Shui.

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