Your Bedwear Reveals About Yourself


Most of know are clothes reflect our personality and moods. However one school of through claims that what we wear in bed reveals a lot about us.

Dr Alison Goodrum, a senior lecturer in fashion theory at Manchester Metropolitan University, says: “What we wear or don’t wear to bed may only be seen by a handful of people, but the importance of what we choose shouldn’t be underestimated. Away from the public gaze, our clothing gets really personal. It reveals a great deal about who we are and our relationships with others.”

“Some people invest a great deal in their bedwear and make going to bed an event in itself. Colourful, extravagant bedwear in luxurious fabrics reveals a true love of one’s bed.But if you dress up too much for bed, especially if you are a man, this could reveal a deep insecurity. Alongside seduction and fiery passion, bedwear can also bestow comfort and consolation. We might wear our favourite pyjamas when we need a really good night’s sleep or when we’re not feeling well.”

Makes sense but don’t you hate it when they start doing research on every aspect of our lives?


Image via Cartoon Stock

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