ErgoArc Laptop Stands for Beds

ErgoArc Laptop Stands

It is common knowledge that people who want to get sleep must stay away from the usual gadgets like laptops and mobile phones when bedtime comes. But for some who simply cannot stay away from them and take their laptops all the way to bed, well here is something that should help make things easier for you.

As we all know, laptops do have warm bases after leaving them on for quite some time. But with the ErgoArc Laptop Stands, computing has been made easier. In fact, this laptop stand should be perfect even for the bed-ridden people who want to surf or do some work even while in bed.

The stand can be adjusted like a standard drafting table, molded using maple plywood. It even comes with a lip on the bottom of the desktop which supports the bottom edge of the laptop’s keyboard. The computer’s screen, once flipped up, can then be angled towards the user’s face.

The ErgoArc Laptop Stand is available for about $73.99.


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