Mario Brothers Industrial Pipe Lamps

Mario Brothers Industrial Pipe Lamps

There have been a lot of ingenious ways to represent the Super Mario fame, lamps included. But this is one lamp that you shall surely adore, a pipe lamp that truly embraces what Super Mario is all about with its uncanny and well-represented design.

The Mario Brothers Industrial Pipe Lamp stands to be one of the best lamps we have seen, thanks mainly to the detail of the pipes, the bulb and of course Mario himself. TRoweDesigns deserves the credit for this one, a specialist in the industrial-type lamp niche.

It’s got a single light held up by a black iron pipe that’s encased in a vintage glass insulator to light up your room.

To turn the lamp on, it does away with the traditional push switches and instead makes use of a familiar old way of turning on lamps, pulling chains to turn on the much needed illumination in designed areas.


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