Jacqueline Bed

Does it have to be difficult to create an elegant and refined bedroom décor?  How do you choose the right furnishings, the right accessories?  How do you do this affordably?  It can be done, and it can be done easily when you choose the right centerpiece.  A beautiful bed can make all the difference.  Today’s best modern metal beds can help you create the serene retreat – it is amazing the change that you can effect.

When you choose the exquisite Jacqueline Bed, you don’t have to worry about creating a beautiful bedroom décor.  You can let Jacqueline handle it all by itself.  With its stately and classically ornate design, this bed makes a wonderful focal point, and in fact, it makes your job of accessorizing remarkably easy.  A few simple touches will coordinate beautifully with the intricate scrollwork, beautiful castings, and delicate spindles.  A gorgeous brushed pewter and brown finish provides an extra touch of elegance.  The Jacqueline is bold, it is dramatic, it is gorgeous, and it makes a beautiful statement.  Go very simple for great effect or accessorize to create our own Victorian opulence.  In either case, you will have the décor you have always wanted.  There are few pieces as bold as metal and wrought iron beds, and the Jacqueline stands proudly and beautifully among them.

The Jacqueline Bed is manufactured by Hillsdale Furniture; from its beginnings in 1994, this premiere company has been gracing homes across the country with beautiful dining sets, bar sets, and classic and contemporary bedroom furniture.  Each step, from conception through construction, is well designed and executed, resulting in superior quality.  You deserve nothing less for your home.