Aerodynamic Carbon22 Furniture


Make way for the future of home interiors with these line of furniture solutions from Dario Antonioni of Orange22 Design Lab. Branded into the Aerodynamic Carbon 22 furniture collection, these are modern day furniture that are sure to wow home improvement fanatics.

With all the pieces in the collection, you can see the influence of Dario Antonioni’s life-long love affair with aerospace engineering. The collection includes a desk, stool, end table, a cocktail table and a signature chair. All the furniture units are made from 100% carbon fiber and utilize advanced technologies to carve “blacker than black” furniture.

Since the collection is inspired by flight, each piece creates sensual flows of air when tested in a wind tunnel. The harmonious lines and use of distinctive materials add to the wow factor. Carbon fiber, we know is very lightweight, and combined with Antonioni’s visual aesthetics, creates an aspect of something totally new and different.

(Source) Bornrich

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