The Extended Dining Table

Depending on the number of people in your household, the type of dining table you will select may entirely bank on that. Sometimes though, you just never know when company would come or when your family would grow. Rather than getting rid of your old dining table and buying a new one, you can consider this one which has an extender for more room on the table.

Check out the 278 dining table from the house of Tonon, a leading brand among manufacturers of design furniture. Designed by Thomas Althaus, the 278 is an expandable dining table, which serves its true purpose when you have to attend to a large number of guests. There is a table on wheels within the main table that can be pulled out when necessary.

When you are done with entertaining your guests, simply put it back and you have enough space for some other work. The 278 table has a blade-aluminum honeycomb covered with oak veneer, while the additional table is silver in color and is made of laminate. Available in 140 cm and 180 cm sizes, the 278 dining table is priced at EUR 18,564.

(Source) Tonon

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