Adhoc Shelving by Zanotta

Adhoc Shelving

After the Koochy Sofa earlier, we now have a trendy shelving unit for you which should be ideal to pair with the said sofa or independently as a home organizing piece that looks to be made for any kind of home setup.

The Adhoc Shelving seems like it can offer multiple storage options for anyone who would eventually end up wanting it for their home.

The freestanding, upright shelving unit pivots around a vertical steel support for storage flexibility and modern aesthetic effect. The shelving is coated in your choice of scratch-resistant white or black, and the steel supports and joints are offered in a black or aluminum finish.

The shelving unit carries a modern-like appeal and should certainly blend in easily in any kind of home, eventually giving you an option to have a more orderly home and heads up interior as well.


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