Decorative Industrial Pipe Shelves

You don’t have to be a plumber or a Super Mario fan to place a pipe-like shelving decor in your home. And with the ingenuity of Dirty Bills from San Francisco, you can add these decorative Industrial Pipe Shelving in your home and get some organization and storage for your cluttered stuff.

They can be placed in any part of the home and come in three types of shelving units. There is the Sconce Bookshelves, the Pipe Corner Shelf and the Industrial Pipe Bookshelf. Each design comes with a unique design pitch and are suitable for small spaces to keep books on display without worrying about eating up too much space.

The shelves are fully assembled with screws for mounting them on walls. They are pretty much simple to install and all you need is to follow the instructions while arming yourself with a power drill and some screws to set them in place.


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