Oversized Diana Floor Lamp XL

Oversized Diana Floor Lamp XL

The Diana Floor Lamp XL seems like a traditional desk lamp that many of us would have by our tables at home or at office. But the difference is that this is an oversized version, something that aims to server its function as a floor lamp rather than a table lamp.

The lamp measures about 90.5 inches tall, 51.2 inches wide and 59 inches deep. The lamp is a “big” one to have, the body of which is made up of chrome and gold plated frame with hinges that are artfully covered with chunky pieces to anchor its lean, lanky structure.

The lamp is topped with an oversized aluminum shade which can come in varied hues depending on the owner’s preference a new lamp which will surely gain attention due to its uncanny large make which shies away from the usual table-top use many are familiar with.


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