Antique Furniture in the Limelight

During furniture shows, you would think that modern and new furniture that are offered in the market would perhaps garner all the attention. But apparently, there are people who have an eye out for antiques and apparently that is the case when most people paid more attention towards the antique furniture that was on hand at the Woodland Handicraft Industries’ furniture fair at Muslim library in Bistupur.

There are still some people who prefer the old-fashioned style of furniture designs and many of them are aching to get their own for their homes. Today we are encouraged to live in a space-saving manner. It just so happens that some people have the luxury and space for such classical antiques that are still available in the market today.

The furniture has been designed based on Kashmiri art, Rajasthani art, Gujarati art, Portugal art and Mughal art. The carvings on the wood depend upon the art.

“The difference in look is due to the type of carvings. The carvings for Kashmiri art are more fine compared to the Portugal ones. In traditional furniture carvings narrate a story. We have modified the designs a bit to appeal to customers who want a touch of modernism,” said Ahmed.

(Source) The Telegraph

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