Put Personality in Blank Walls

In a home, you are bound to see a couple of walls bare and dull. But that doesn’t have to be the case especially if you want to do something about it. With a couple of stuff you may have around, you can consider making some hanging ornaments based on what you deem as creative and hang them up.

Paintings are normally the first recourse. But that would mean buying and incurring costs just to brighten up a dull part of your home. So why go through the trouble of spending if you can do it yourself. All you need are some vague objects such as perhaps cartons or even pistachio shells. They may look like trash but you can turn them into gold in a hurry with the right perspective.

Just rummage around the house and gather the things that look pretty. Remember, the satisfaction of turning out something which is very beautiful, out of things which most people throw away without giving it a second thought, will also earn you brownie points for being creative and also eco-friendly.

(Source) DH Realty

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