Scheduling the Change of Bed Sheets

Depending on your practice, bed sheets would often follow a certain interval as far as changing them. This excludes instances of course like perhaps bed wetting or when the baby throws up. But setting aside these situations, some schedule bed sheet replacement normally weekly or if you are that fond of cleaning and have a lot spare bed sheets around, maybe twice a week.

Of the two, it seems that a weekly schedule is the better alternative. Consider the following things that can happen in a week to your bed sheet:

1. Building up of dust mites that can cause skin irritation
2. Mixture of sweat or unsanitary body fluids while we are sleeping
3. Accumulation of dirt from clothes when we lay down
4. Baby issues like vomiting or bet wetting

For sure a lot of us have had these issues at one time or another. But we also have to consider the following:

1. Bed sheets available for use
2. Cleaning issues
3. Green issues that include cutting down on use of water and detergents

But to be safe, a weekly changing of bed sheets is advisable. Besides, you don’t want to sleep in a bed that may have issues as far as skin and sanitary ones are concerned. It is just a matter of trying to put hygiene into it and a week is perhaps the best period to call it safely.

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