Flip Around Stool and Table

Flip Around Stool and Table

The Flip Around Stool and Table is another one of those simple and multifunctional pieces which should certainly come in handy at home or even in the outdoors. It’s simple make and mold allows it to be easily carried anywhere or moved around just in case you are not certain where you would want it to be placed.

For use as a stool, the table’s top post handle fits into the base for secure seating; for use as a catchall table top, simply flip the top over to utilize its curved lip to keep contents in their place

The top of the said stool/table can also be used as a serving tray as well, particularly when the piece is used as a temporary table to hold drinks or snacks at times when visitors are around.

The stool/table is made from lightweight plastic and is ably supported by three ash wood legs. It was designed by Norm Architects .


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